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... I wanted to say thank you Tortoisgirl for your info. -Chinese diet tea - if you are in a pinch works great for overnight relief -Kellogs cereal that contain fiber seem to help -Fiber 1 bars, although Tortois mentioned they may not be the best(so I'll check it out) -Metamucil worked good for me initially, and over time I did not need it (same as above) -Lots and Lots of... (6 replies)
... er and take one dose of Miralax every night like clockwork and I am usually fine. On those rare occasions when I need a little extra boost I will take a glass of Metamucil an hour or so after the Miralax to help things move along. Since I started doing this I have had very few problems. ... (6 replies)
... Metamucil can be a poor choice for OIC, as it can cause impaction. Opioids paralyze the receptors in the bowels which stimulate bowel contractions, so they cannot usually respond to bulking agents. If it is used, at a minimum, fluid intake should be increased. I was told that a high fiber diet can also be a poor choice for many with OIC, especially non-soluble artificial... (6 replies)

... I initially had OIC fairly bad, started taking metamucil but eventually stopped as bowels became normal again. ... (6 replies)
... a high fiber gastro dr says that for OIC they can actually hurt more than they help, and in my experience that is true. Metamucil is particularly one to avoid as it can cause impaction in someone with OIC. Between the OIC and another gastro issue I have, I've switched to a low fiber diet. ... (6 replies)
... ave found it to work great. I'm on about as many meds as anyone, and I don't have any issues. I get a great BM in the early AM and then one again after lunch. Metamucil has pure husk fiber which gets everything out along the way. I take it after dinner....2 heaping tablespoons in glass of water.... ... (1 replies)
... Thank you! Sophie-I may try Miralax. I am really cautious about making sure that I don't get too constipated. I ate some veggies today, so hopefully that'll help! I am definitely going to walk around more tomorrow. Exec.-I had an allergic reaction to Metamucil! I know it's crazy, isn't it? I knew that there was a thread about this and I was actually hoping that you'd... (6 replies)
... Hi Everyone. I was doing well for about four years...not having any constipation. I was eating oatmeal and doing fine. Well, the past week or so, I have been completely constipated. I am allergic to Metamucil and other laxatives--senna, etc...So, I am looking for food suggestions because I have a HUGE amount of medication allergies! I also have food allergies. I cannot eat... (6 replies)
... Miralax is a good choice for folks in pm. I think its a bit more expensive than metamucil and I used it faithfully UNTIL I came on here and tried Ex's recommendation and switched to metamucil. ... (13 replies)
... by Krit provides info about the antifreeze. Also, there is lots of information about this constipation issue in the thread....A great resource overall. ... (13 replies)
... I also take Metamucil for my medication induced constipation. I take one capsule in the morning with my other meds and one capsule at night with my nightime meds. ... (7 replies)
Constipation Help!
Jul 15, 2009
... I take one tablespoon in the morning and 2 tablespoons after dinner. 2 days after I started using metamucil my problems were solved. ... (29 replies)
Constipation Help!
Jul 14, 2009
... In order for Metamucil to work it's best, the fiber must be taken daily...If you miss one day, it will change things quite a bit. ... (29 replies)
Constipation Help!
Jul 14, 2009
... his Dr told him that he should take Metamucil everyday for the rest of his life but he refuses. He can be so hard headed! ... (29 replies)
Constipation Help!
Jul 13, 2009
... I feel obligated to pass along what I've learned because the long term use of the product is very negative. Probably is fine in the short run, but a chemical like antifreeze in your body every day, can't be good. I think it's fine. In fact, any fiber supplement if good...Use whatever fiber supplement makes you the most comfortable and is the most pleasant tasting. ... (29 replies)
Constipation Help!
Jul 10, 2009
... I know a lot of people recommend Mirlax, but for me, Metamucil is the best. ... (29 replies)
... How much Metamucil are you taking and what time of day are you taking it? ... (18 replies)
... I have had all sorts of problems with constipation over a number of years and tried lots of different remedies. ... (18 replies)
... Yes....If I miss just one day, things change...I've never missed two, however. This is why I have a bit of an issue with the Miralax. However, Metmucil is pure husk fiber....Very natural. But, if the blueberries work for you, then all the better. Best of luck to you. Regards, (29 replies)
... I take two tablespoons of metamucil every night and it's the best thing ever...but I have to take it every night. ... (29 replies)

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