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... The opiates all seem to cause this. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Freddy, Of all the meds I have ever taken, Morphine caused the most gastric distress, whether it was gass, constipation or just stomach pain or nausea. Have you talked to your doc about this. It seems an easy test would be to switch to a synthetic short acting med. ... (9 replies)
... Zero constipation and all bodily functions are the same as they always have been. I got some 180mg gas x "simethicone" . So far it has not helped. ... (9 replies)

... You can still have a blockage in your colon from the opiates. Especially at the doses that you are currently taking, constipation is one of the rather unpleasant side effects of treatment with them. Are you possibly going a little less than normal? ... (9 replies)
... Hello there, are you referring to the mag citrate in the green bottle that you get in the laxative department? If so, how much do you use daily? Bullymom:wave: (29 replies)
... I am a 54 old man who has been on opiates now for 10 years due to a broken back. I also suffered from insane constipation. About a year ago, I found the answer. The body produces Magnesium Citrate. ... (29 replies)
... Unfortunately, unless you find one that has less effects, you simply have to learn to work with it. Take an extra shirt to work or change more often, take a hand towel or hankie. It still takes me an hour to cool off from a cold shower and stp sweating. I have some permanent nerve dame from surgery and part of it is the sympethetic nervous system and thwere just isn't a way... (19 replies)
... I am someone who has NEVER had a problem with constipation in my fact, I tended to have irritable bowel syndrome with diahhrea....until I started taking the LA opiates. ... (29 replies)
... Lots of water will help you as well as fiber like salads and olive oil dressing, dried fruit like apricots and prunes will help. Not eating is also contributing to you not being able to go. Try and eat cereal that is high and fiber and oatmeal is also good. when your able, get to the store and get a stool softner. they are less harsh than a full on laxative which will make... (29 replies)
... opiates make all constipated...that is one of the side affects. to prevent it, take a fiber supplement, eat a lot of bran, and stay hydrated , drinking a lot of water. also, senakot s works very well. if you dont have a bowel jovement in 3 or 4 days, try to plan ahead for one with senakot will make everything more bearable with less worries... (12 replies)
... Ive been prescribed hydrocodone for my back pain for about 3 months now and the only side effect I have is constipation. Some weeks im fine and some im not. Ive been constipated for about 2 weeks now. Whats the best remedy for opiate constipation? and does anybody else get constipated from opiates? Thanks (12 replies)
... Brian, How long did it take before Miralax no longer gave you such terrible gas? Did it subside once you began having bowel movements? I took two was a miserable two days, but I could tell I was close to having a bowel movement....I have never experienced something so terrible in my entire life. It's interesting you say my habits should be the same as they... (28 replies)
... The other question about how often you should be going. If you used to go every other day before starting opiates then you should be going every other day now. Like my doc said the stool softener makes things softer but it doesnt do anything with making it move on out. ... (28 replies)
Aug 13, 2007
... ably most of us here suffer from it. I've benefited from the posts on here. Miralax doesn't work for me, not sure why. My doc told me they are doing research on opiates and constipation and she feels they will find something to help. It can't happen soon enough for me. ... (18 replies)
Aug 13, 2007
... Don't know if my vote is worth much but I agree--The suject should be a "sticky"--Although I have read about the issue on at least 3 times on this board--In fact that is how I learned about the Miralax--Even knew about and had used the day prior to hip-replacement surgery so I would be empty--The Opiate IV morphine they use for most major post-ops---will still cause patients... (18 replies)
Aug 13, 2007
Aug 10, 2007
... The key is to reall stay on top of it. If you stop taking meds that counter the effects of opiates stopping the normal contractions of your bowels, you can impact and nd up n roufgh shape. It's just a matter of hat works best for you. ... (18 replies)
Aug 10, 2007
... I believe that many of us on higher doses of opiates have this problem. ... (18 replies)
... I'm not talking about "are there some types of pain for which opiates will not work," but are there some PEOPLE for whom opiates do nothing at all? ... (7 replies)
... ycodone, 1 mg. xanax and 5 mg. elavil at night. I have had multiple spinal surgeries and neuropathy in both legs and feet. I know I am physically addicted to the opiates and after many monthas of unsuccessfully trying to taper down I went into a detox. ... (14 replies)

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