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... So sorry your having problems with constipation. Just recently we had a lengthy thread about this very problem. It was called, "constipation with oxycodone" started by Carlos. It's on the very next page of threads. There was some great advice in that thread. ... (18 replies)
... However, some have had very good success with it. ... (13 replies)
... someone else told me about the blueberries. All this along with the Kashi waffles and more veggies in my diet. ... (29 replies)

... When another CP'er told me about Miralax, I thought I had finally found the solution to the constipation problem; it worked really well - far better than the senna i had been using before. However, I started seeing a new doctor about a month ago and he told me Miralax was *not* something I wanted to put in my body on a regular (or even irregular) basis. Not only does it... (29 replies)
... I am someone who has NEVER had a problem with constipation in my fact, I tended to have irritable bowel syndrome with diahhrea....until I started taking the LA opiates. Then I would go for days without a bowel the point I was getting very sick and vomiting. ... (29 replies)
... days ago and my 18 month problem with severe constipation from oxycodone for pain is completely over. I took the diphen. to try to end a three week old problem with fall rash and itching which is the worst I ever have experienced. ... (1 replies)
... One has to be very careful with any type of fiber pills....You have to drink a ton of water to get them to work. If you don't, they will actually stop you up. ... (29 replies)
... oz glass of water each evening and drink it quick, before it thickens up. If I were new to it, I would start with one tablespoon and then go from there. ... (29 replies)
... and it helps the Miralax work better! I would highly suggest trying both! As an aside I have been on pain meds for nearly six years so I definitely need the help with constipation! ... (29 replies)
... This is why I have a bit of an issue with the Miralax. However, Metmucil is pure husk fiber....Very natural. But, if the blueberries work for you, then all the better. ... (29 replies)
... Best of luck to you with this. I'm sure it's not fun. ... (29 replies)
... honest with the guy when explaining my problem. ... (29 replies)
... No problem....Glad I could help. Try to take the Metamucil @ night sometime after dinner. Maybe on a full stomach, you'll have less gas. I've never tried it any other time of day, so I wouldn't know. As I mentioned previously, I always take it about 8pm or two hours after dinner. I think once you get stabilized, and you body gets used to it, the gas will go away. ... (29 replies)
... Thanks for the advice, I really don't want to stuff with peristalsis any more than I have to, therefore I'd prefer to use laxatives like senna. They tend to give me terrible cramps anyway. ... (29 replies)
... Yes, I started with one. And when I say move slow, I mean add very small increments...Such as 1 t spoon, then a fraction of another, then a fraction of another and so on. ... (29 replies)
... each time I take the oxycodone now. ... (1 replies)
... hours" but 10 mgs is not the ceiling on oxycodone. With meds that contain apap "Tylenol" the only ceiling is the one the tylenol creates. ... (13 replies)
Med change
Nov 2, 2007
... for a booster if needed. I've been on narcotics most of my life and I find that I have less constipation with the oxycodone than I did with the patch. ... (11 replies)
... I felt I could not handle the pain without medication any longer. About 2 years ago, I started with hydrocodone for pain and something for sleep. ... (9 replies)
... Hi KatyA far as comparing strnegths of meds, morphine is the next step up the ladder, Oxycodone is actually stronger than morphine. Hydroomorne "dilaudi, oxymorphone, amethadone and fentanyl are all stronger than morphine. ... (9 replies)

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