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May 9, 2008
... D maybe after my cortizone epidural injection i should have my hubby waiting with a gallon of it!! ... (2 replies)
... My doc says I have a degenerated disc and a bone spur in the neck, in the same spot. He recomemended a series of 3 Epidural Cortizone injections in the cervical spine. I have had 1 with no relief, he said this is not unusual. I get my next one next week. ... (4 replies)
... Epidural Cortizone shots are used to reduce the swelling in your back. The injection is done right around the bundle of nerves in your back that are irriated. ... (1 replies)

Epidural question
Nov 25, 2007
... I have several back problems that cause me a great deal of pain. I am on 80mg oxycontin.......2 tabs 3 times a day.(5yrs). They just gave me cortizone,but not lasting long enough.Now they want to try an epidural. I am little scared of this. Can anyone tell me anything about it? I am pretty desperate at this point.I have try to get through each day at about a 6-7 pain... (5 replies)
Duragesic Patch
Jul 14, 2002
... Hi guys, I had a pain management doctor but he started wanting to go down on my pain meds and that to me didn't make any sense, when I was in more pain. There might be a more aggressive one in the area, actually I am sure there is living close (one hour) from Boston, Ma there has to be something. My doctor is just a family doctor. He tries hard, but does go by the... (5 replies)
... Dawn, Just don't let the doctor's or nurses allow you to lay there in pain. I did and i kick myself in the rear for it. Got my bill, and there was pills on it, that i was never even given. Don't suffer. Besides, if you only took one yesterday, you are doing wonderful. Seriously, I am impressed, love and hugs, dayna :angel: ------------------ ruptured disk... (6 replies)
... An injection into a shoulder or knee isn't as painful because there is room to except the injected material, it doesn'tr put pressure into the epidural space the way a shoulder or knee injection does. ... (15 replies)
... HI STAGRE, An epidural is a steroid injection into the epidural space that surounds your spinal cord. Anesthesiologist do epidural nerve blocks during child birth all day long so a good anesthesiologist shouldn't have a problem doing an ESI. ... (1 replies)
... pressing the nerve. There was also significant scar tissue. He recommended that I go back to the pain management center I had gotten my shots at, and try another epidural shot. ... (12 replies)
... I had to get a spinal tap done because my neo said my blood vessel behind my eye were very big!They did it in the office the pressure was 24 they said that was fine the test came back ok!I had the spinaltap 17 days ago the blood patch 12 days ago when they did the blood patch when he shot the blood in my back a rush of spinal fliud went up to my head couldn't hear for aboutb... (13 replies)
... If you had an epidural steroid injection it's very possible this is more a reaction to the ESI, THey basically use the same amount of steroids for evryone that weghs xx and is xx tall. ... (13 replies)
Hi again
May 7, 2008
... well i decided to get the epidural steroid injection my land pt and my dr think its worth a try will be on may 19 i got lucky with the app i guess they are booking out tell mid june... ... (3 replies)
Spine center
Apr 7, 2005
... Hey Jen, An EMG is a nerve conductivity study. They run a small amount of current from a specific site and measure the the amount of time and the amount of interference it takes to go from point A to point B and back to point A. The point is to look for nerve impingements. Honestly there are much better ways to find and DX a nerve impingement, IMO they are inconclusive and... (3 replies)
... ing other treatments. I have done physical therapy in three different sessions, and was advised to stop by the physical therapists and my doctors. I've had three epidural shots, and my PM doctor is giving me a cortizone shot directly into my nerve this Friday. ... (12 replies)
... Ditto on what dave just said.but they are very individual as to just how they will work and who is actually doing them and if they are actually getting that 'right" spot.I have some that worked like crap and others that have worked for all depends.but definitely worth the try any ways.for me,the magic day was six.up to that day,i actually had an increase in my normal... (4 replies)
... I had them in my shoulder and a couple for my back. I was just told by one of the country's top PM's that NO ONE should ever have an ESI in the muscle, ONLY in the joint, and ONLY with a flourascope. I had mine done in the muscle (billed for done in the joint w/a flourascope, but that is another matter altogether) and it actually atropied the muscle. So, be careful when... (4 replies)
... Carls, right, It's standard protocol to try PT and ESI's prior to anything more invasiive. A bulging disc can actually heal itself and reducing the inflamation which is the bodys natural response to brace itself when it's injured may actually be causing more pain by putting more presure on nerves and your spinal cord, so direct aplication of a potent anti inflamatory should... (4 replies)
... Just about everyone on this board with spine problems has had these injections. Some get relief while others don't. Your doc is right in saying it is not unusual. The injections are just a part of the course of action in trying to treat you for the pain. But they usually just give only temporary relief. They won't cure the disk or the degenerative disk disease. Carol (4 replies)

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