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... The more I think about it, the more It seems there may be something real to the Cymbalta having a synergistic relationship with the methadone, or other opioids. I've taken my methadone today on schedule but felt leary about taking my Ultram. ... (22 replies)
... I'm so sorry Cymbalta is causing you to feel exhausted. I don't know what advice to give you except to talk to your doctor. ... (22 replies)
... I too was totally exhausted. I couldn't do anything. I had recently started Cymbalta and was having great success. It seemed like the Lyrica totally counteracted the Cymbalta. ... (15 replies)

... Hi all, Just thought I'd throw in my two cents (although with the stock market these days...worth about .03)...hahaha..:) Anyway, I have been on Cymbalta for about 2 1/2 years...They started me at 30 mg for about 4 weeks and then I have been on 60 mgs, once daily, since then. It's funny how medicines work so differently for everyone because I had tried to take this... (22 replies)
... u do. I may even want to drop back to 30mg just to see what happens. My pain is arthritic and not really nerve based, so I've been wondering just how effective Cymbalta would be for me. ... (22 replies)
... check your blood pressure again, and if it's still elevated, please stop taking the Cymbalta until you are able to speak with your doctor. ... (22 replies)
... I hope you slept well and woke up feeling refreshed and ready for a wonderful day. Yes, my primary doctor took me off Cymbalta immediately upon seeing my blood pressure reading and then told me not to go back to that PM doctor and refered me to my current doctor. ... (22 replies)
... thanks for responding....we will see what happens tonight. I'm going to take my Cymbalta at the same time I take my night time meds. ... (22 replies)
... toes are crossed down here in NC that you are able to use the Cymbalta and get the wonderful results that many people get from it. ... (22 replies)
... s at my pain management clinic today who said that I shouldn't have been started at the 60mg dose. Apparently one of the residents handled the call to order the Cymbalta last week and meant to start me at 30 mg. a day for two weeks.....then I was supposed to titrate up to the 60 mg. per day dose! ... (22 replies)
... Same here. I recently began having breathing problems, along with exhaustion and muscle soreness. The only thing I can tie it to that's changed is starting on Cymbalta at 60mg/day. My Methadone dose has been stable at 80mg/day for a long time so I'm not tempted to blame it. I also take Ultram 400mg/day, and have been doing so for a couple of years. This really has me... (22 replies)
... my doctor started me on a course of Cymbalta last week and I can't believe how tired I am after taking this med! He started me off on 60 mg. a day and I've been taking it in the morning with my other meds. ... (22 replies)
... existent and the nerve pain has lessened somewhat. I call Cymbalta my miracle drug. Prior to starting this med, I was in a depression so dark that I seriously considered whether life was worth living like that. ... (22 replies)
... Does Cymbalta cause weight gain? ... (22 replies)
... I am on 60mg of Cymbalta. I started at 30mg for three weeks and then moved up to 60mg. It does make me tired. I feel like I finally wake up around 6:00 at night. I sleep in like I did in college. Thank goodness I can do this right now but eventually I will need to get up at 6:00 am again (for work) not sure how I will accomplish getting up early. As for the pain... (22 replies)
... much better this a.m. I awoke around 7 am with no headache and didn't feel nearly as drugged as I felt yesterday morning. I'm going to take another dose of the Cymbalta tonight and see how things feel in the morning before I'm ready to give a final verdict! ... (22 replies)
... side effects. It doesn't happen with all drugs. But there are some that will do that and I was wondering if the methadone and the cymbalta were having an increased amount of side effects when taken together. Does that make any sense? ... (22 replies)
... Thanks guys can''t take any AD's,. Tried in the past infact one was cymbalta. I envy those who can & get relief. Don't know what is going to work for me, but back to work this week & I am more then alittle nervous. I need one Dr. who will work with me & find what is going to work for this pain,until we get closer to solving the problem. Back to being waking up in the middle of... (15 replies)
... I agree with Lottyliz. Cymbalta has helped my pain, fatigue, and crankiness. I think it's wonderful, and my fiance' is willing to pay whatever it costs, because he is so happy with the results! ... (15 replies)
... for breakthrough, soma, cymbalta, and we just started lyrica 75mg twice daily. The lyrica has me totally exhausted and seems to be conteracting the cymbalta which had actually started to work on my depression. ... (7 replies)

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