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... Thank-you for the reply's on the med Cymbolta, however the insurance co. says it will not cover Cymbolta, either I'll have to pay out of pocket or ask to resubmit from the dr who prescribed it for me in the first place. Have you had any problems with insurance not paying? All this resubmiting takes so long as of today it's been one wk since I got the prescription from my... (7 replies)
... x a day. They added lidoderm patch and cymbolta working up to 30mg 2x a day. I'm afraid this won't do much good but I am willing to try it. Does anybody have any thoughts on this? ... (2 replies)
... g with the normal opiates and muscle relaxers. Other than the "whack me with a hammer and see if I feel it" feeling from the opiates, I felt that the Lyrica and Cymbolta both helped with my nerve pain. When I have had minor relapses of the nerve pain, I have used mostly the Lyrica and Advil to work my way through it. ... (7 replies)

... I was taking between 60 mg and 80 mg of oxycodone a day, along with the other meds. I never took the opiates w/o the other meds, so I don't know how the opiates worked w/o them. I have taken the Lyrica and Cymbolta w/o the opiates though and they work slightly to reduce the nerve pain - mostly to take the edge off. I'm not sure what I was craving after stopping taking the... (7 replies)
... You will be on some of the same meds I am, and I also use Lidoderm patches when pain in my back gets a little out of control of my regular meds. The patch will work in a few hours, the Cymbalta will take a little more time-maybe 2-3 weeks even. Try to keep a positive attitude-you are helping yourself by trying these non-narcotic treatments, and I think that is just great! (2 replies)
... Both are good meds to try for chronic pain. As with most treatments, it can be hit or miss. With the Lidoderm you'd know pretty immediately if its going to be helpful, but the Cymbalta can take some time (and likely a dose increase or two). Try to stay positive. I try to think of trying treatments as steps in the right direction, even if they aren't helpful. Is what you... (2 replies)
... I used cymbolta it worked for the pain but I was allergic to it. ... (4 replies)
... severe pain. IT WORKED, It saved my life. I wanted to die cause I had been gritting my teeth for 5 years in pain I couldn't handle or function with. Mind you Cymbolta Did NOT work for whatever reason, only PROZAC worked. The Seratonin connection and PROZAC is also the Pain Connection. ... (2 replies)
... I came here to ask the same question. My GP has been treating my shingles and told me flat out she did not feel comfortable giving me anything for pain. Though she would give me cymbolta(?). I told her no I was not going on an anti-depressant for pain. She wants me to go to PM and see what they can do for me. She is going through some personal problems(family member died) and... (2 replies)
... My co-pay for meds is usually $20.00, but with cymbalta, I have to pay $40.00. My doc did give me some samples, but not enough to cover a month, so I got a prescription for 15 pills, I still had to pay $40.00. (7 replies)
... my pain management dr. gives me my cymbalta. maybe you can ask your doc about samples since the insurance is giving you the run around. thi medication is very expensive out of pocket and i have no insurance. that is why my dr. gives it to me. she has been giving me the cymbalta since july of last year. just a thought. gl and god bless, katy (7 replies)
... Well I like the sound of the weight loss that Cymbalta has done for you and perhaps it'll be an advantage for me as well, I will give it a try and go from there, Thanks for your reply Pichuu123 (7 replies)
... Hi Pichuu - I'm another Cymbalta patient and I'm finding that it has really helped me with my depression and is starting to do some good for my nerve pain. When I was rx'd the Cymbalta I was able to stop taking Prozac, Wellbutrin and Lyrica. I was started on 30 mg. of Cymbalta to begin with and then titrated up to the 60mg. capsule after 2 weeks. I've been on it for about 2... (7 replies)
... Pichuu- Please do give the Cymbalta a try. There are many people on the boards who get GREAT relief for their nerve pain from it. You may find this is something that your doctor will have to titrate your dose up to a good level to bring your pain down, so be patient. Keep checking back, because someone will see your post and give you some more concrete information about... (7 replies)
... WEll I am also on cymbalata. for depression. but I have not noticed any change in my level of pain, but one plus to it is weight loss. I have losted 35 pounds since Jan...good luck Angelia (7 replies)
... My pain doc has prescribed this for my pain,I have never heard of this medicine before, he did say it's also used for depression and anxiety,however for me it's foe pain?? (7 replies)

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