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... That's a mighty generous conversion to 15 mgs of hydro. I would take a 5mg Vicodin over a DarvacetN100 that we are all familiar with. It has the same 100 mg of Darvon which is in the same family as synthetic opiates as methadone, but nowhere as strong. Add 650 of apap and you have Darvacet N 100. ... (19 replies)
... Just a quick chime in here, Darvon can contain aspirin so if your friend has problems in taking ASA it's not an advisable medication. ... (19 replies)
... Originally this round, they gave her Tylenol 3's and she said they didn't help that much, that is why they gave her this supposed "stronger than vicodin" medication Darvon. My next question is, would she be better off sticking with the Codeines? Or with the Darvon? I had a feeling they were giving her the run around. And she has never had to take pain meds before this so... (19 replies)

... and her Doc gave her 100mg Darvon and told her this medication is stronger than the vicodin she was taking before. I've never been on this med so I don't know anything about it and couldn't answer when she asked me if this was true or not? ... (19 replies)
... there was talk of making Darvon a nonprescription med. I'm not sure what happened with that, but I wouldn't even bother to fill the script if a doctor gave me one for Darvon or Darvoset. ... (19 replies)
... So if we are right in understanding this, taking two darvon would be equal to her having taken six of her 5mg vic's? ... (19 replies)
... Hey Tina: Just a personal preference, but I would stay with the Codeine over Darvon. It would be great if her doctor would kick loose with some Tylenol #4's for her. The 3's have 30 mg of Codeine and the 4's have 60 mg. She can take two Tylenol #3's every 3-4 hours. I don't know what the instructions say, but from what you've said, I imagine they're pretty conservative. ... (19 replies)
... sed. Second, the chart says right on it "not recommended." So I wouldn't really take the chart in this instance for good for Darvocet. There is no way that 6 Vicodin is the same as 2 Darvocet. ... (19 replies)
... Sounds like the doc is getting a little squeamish about prescribing the vicodin. If this began about 4 mo. ago, he may be thinking that once 6 mo rolls around he wants her out of there. It doesn't look good for a doc to be prescribing painkillers like that w/o a cancer diagnosis or something equally acceptable. Might want to ask him directly about how willing he is to stick... (19 replies)
... Aranger - do you know how codeine compares to vicodin conversion-wise? (19 replies)
... ey worked 10 times better then Darvocet for me when I had horrible headaches when I was pregnant the first time. If they will give her vics again, I'd do that. Vicodin always worked better for me then anything else. Even this Fentynyl I've been taking although I like the convinence of it. ... (19 replies)
... Hey Tina, Proproxyphene (Darvocet) is much weaker than Hydrocodone (Vicodin). It is usually not even compared on a Equianalgesic chart to compare as it is not recommended for chronic pain. However I found a little info that puts it into perspective. Basically the chart I use shows 130mg-200mg of Proproxyphene the same as 30mg of Hydrocodone. So as you can see it is... (19 replies)
... Sounds like she has a really nasty bug. The only good thing with that is that maybe her pain will clear up when the infection does. There's an antibiotic, starts w/ a Z, that is an alternative to vancomycin if it comes down to that. I'll see if I can find the name. I know it is in pill form, vs. IV, but it is expensive. (19 replies)
... That does sound like the one I've heard of that is really strong... I'll have to ask her about it. Doesn't sound like her doctor has much of a plan? Just the same anti-biotic as before...which doesn't make snese since the infection came back three weeks later!!! Which leads me to believe it was probably never gone/gone to begin with. Unfortunately I have experience in... (19 replies)
... zithromax? (19 replies)
... well part of the problem is that htey need to get RID of this infection. That is what is getting to me because I had a similar problem about 7 years ago. She is going to have pain as long as the infection is thriving. So far they have only used TWO anti-biotics that clearly aren't working... When it happened to me I was hospitalized and put on IV meds to finally clear it... (19 replies)
... Thanks Dave... Just trying to get as much info as possible so that she goes into her next doc appt as informed as possible. So codeine is not much weaker than 5mg hydros? Then why didn't they just give her back the hydro's??? Ugh. This situation is frustrating. I take it so personally too because she is like a sister to me (lives with me, mother of my god-son) and I have... (19 replies)
... Codeine and hydrocodone are about the same strength.I heard that hydrocodone is given to people who can't take codeine.I found both are very weak pain killers and not much good for chronic or severe pain.....Dave :) (19 replies)
... He was giving her the 5/500 of the hydro for about two months. At one point when things were really bad they upped it to the 7.5/500 for a script ( I think after one of her surgeries) then she went back down to the 5's. Well, when her infection went away the pain got better and she went off everything. Well when it started back up again he said he didn't want to give her... (19 replies)
... Hi Tina, I have used Darvocet before and it's very weak, I always thought vicadin was stronger and Darvocet was weaker. it has never done a darn thing for my pain. (19 replies)

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