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... ished. Although you can purchase pure Dex capsules from the drug store under the trade name Dexalone without a prescription. It's a 30mg capsule with nothing but Dextromathorphan in it. Dextromathorphan is an anlog of Levordromoran an opiate similar to methadone. ... (7 replies)
... Hi 5alfa, In all the years in CP and research on the net I've never seen ketamine used orally, The liquid version used at raves "special K' is usually put into drinks. I know it's being used IV to induce coma to break the cycle of chronic daily migraines, and used in topically for neurpathatic pain along with some use in anesthesia for patients with alergies. I I... (12 replies)
MS contin problem?
Aug 27, 2004
... They prescribe meth for nerve pain because of it's NMDA blocking ability. They have drugs in clinical trials combing dextromathorphan and morphine to add NMDA blocking abilty to toher opiates. Morphidex is just one near aproval. ... (9 replies)

Question on meds
Jul 24, 2004
... Hey Kissa, Although Morphine and Hydrocodone are in different classes, Hydro, oxycodone and Hydromorphone, the synthetics are considered pro drugs and have more of an uplifting effect, this is caused by the histamine response opiates cause. Hyistamine release is also what causes itching. Although Morphine generaly does cause more drowsiness, that side effect does go away... (7 replies)
... OTC Dexalone, or Dextromathorphan works by blocking the NMDA receptor. This can decrease your tolerance to opiates and increase your tolerance to pain. ... (4 replies)
Hey shoreline
Mar 28, 2004
... several drugs in clinical trials like Morphidex that are combining DEX to give morphine NMDA blocking ability. Some docs have their patients take a pure form of Dextromathorphan called Dexalone to give the opiate they take the same NMDA receptor blocking ability that methadone has. ... (27 replies)
... Hi DP, Delsym is just the cough med with the most dextromathorphan in it. Docs recomended it before Dexalone came out OTC. There are are several other drugs that block the NMDA receptor . ... (5 replies)
... I was talking to my shrink and we talked about meth and dextromathorphan and somehow got talking about antiD's. ... (20 replies)
... If your pain is neuropathic, anti seizure meds interupt the loop at a different point, NMDA blockers can also interfere with the loop" drugs like Nemanda, Dextromathorphan or useing methadone for it's NMDA blocking ability. People do tend to be able to stabalize for considerably longer with meth than you see with oxycodone. ... (5 replies)
... Hey Maine, Somethng worth asking about is Nemanda, It's an alzheimers drug and my wifes insurance wouldn't cover untill she urned 40, but it's a stronger NMDA receptor blocker than methadone. Blocking this receptor is what's believed to be the unique quality that makes methadone a good med on nerve pain. Drugs that block this receptor increase your tolerance to pain and can... (4 replies)
... HeyMH, I think your confusing HydromorphContin, the Purdue Canada version of long acting hydromorphone "Dilauidid". I haven't come across any news about LA hydrocodone. I do know in Mexico, many people are mislead by street dealers into thinking regular oxycodone and even Vicodin is OxyContin and any other type of scam they can think of to increase the price. But I will keep... (3 replies)
Can Someone Help
Dec 5, 2005
... Compounding LA Oxy can't be that much cheaper. Oxyis expensive but so is compounding. MOst likely they are using Dextromathorphan as an agent to prolong the effectiveness and increase pain tolerance because DXMis also a NMDA receptror blocker. ... (12 replies)
... Hey Chad, The only thing the NP said that had any medical or scientific validity is that when you take opiates your do slow the production of natural pain klilling endorphins and enkephlins. This is why withdrawal cause an increae in pain and leaves addicts wrtighing in pain during withdrawal even thugh they have no specific pain generators. They don't have the natural ability... (22 replies)
... Hey Mush, A med holiday or vacation is when you stop a med completely to try to reset your tolerance usually 3 months is what most docs believe is enogh time, but once you restratrt the meds you would likely be right back where you left off but maybe get a littl ebetter relief for a while. I think part of the problem with meth increasing tolerance is that's it's potency is... (2 replies)
... evomorphanan isn't patricularly potent on it's own and I would have to spend 3 pages describing stero chemistry and racemic chem but for example, the cough syrup dextromathorphan is an identical mirror image of the opiate Levorphanol. ... (2 replies)
Chronic PAIN
Aug 10, 2005
... Hi Glenda, Long time no see. It's DaveC and I hate to hear that are are still suffering so much. Atiq Febtbyl" is the most potent pain med there is. I remeber you going through diffeent meds nd nothing really works, It's certainly a viable option when you need something that strong to help. It may be tough to maintain the level of relief this would give you but it would be a... (9 replies)
... me of the other forms of nerve pain like diebetic neuropothy, RSD, shingles and many other nerve pain generators. Compounded long acting hydro is compounded with dextromathorphan because of it's NMDA blocking ability, It makes it stronger , more effectve and last longer. ... (0 replies)
... His doc could try adding something like Nemanda "a potent NMDA blocking agent" or Dextromathorphan to the mix and that should increase the pain relief he gets. ... (2 replies)
... That's an ncrediably low conversion fro Oxy to meth, but great it works so well. Th whole reason it wasn't a popular drug for pain when it was invented is becuase of the unpredictable reponses when comompared to other meds. Thre are plenty of wrong conversion charts for meth on the internet that are only acurate for single dose comparison, most are 1:1 to morhine which... (10 replies)
... Hey Deb, SSorry to hear about the spinal headache, I have had several and they aren't fun, but they are normal risk of any type of spinal njection, It doesn't mean the doc screwed up and needs to be defensive? I don't know why he would take such a stand, shut up about your pain from a spinal fluid leak or I'l cut you off? I think I would be screaming from the rooftops abut... (37 replies)

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