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... Verry good guys, You have explained it perfectly. It's all about the release mechanism ken doesn't seem to understand. Wirry and mommy explained it perfectly. If you continue too fight for continued use of SA meds to treat chronic pain which should mean you have been dealing with this for a while and will be dealing with it for even longer, What's a few weeks or months of... (7 replies)
... I don't know why it's not being nmatketed yet, other than the fear of abuse. There is already a population of IV dialaudid abusers, that's why we haven't had LA dilaudid before now. ... (6 replies)
... Since switching to dialaudid Ive been able to limit increases to small increments every 2 or 3 years. ... (10 replies)

... Hey Dave! I spoke with that compounding pharmancy today and they took my Medicare Part D insurance card info and ran a test billing through my insurance company. It came back as denied and I would owe 100% of the bill. I didn't ask her how much they bill the insurance, but she did say that for cash patients for his office they give a discount. I asked her how much it would... (16 replies)
... I've used both and althouigh Dialaudid would be med of choice for post op pain when delivered IV through a PCA, I wasn't at all impressed with it orally. ... (5 replies)
... Dearest Fabby, I read your story, and as far as the back issues we are a lot alike. I have herniated disc in my neck c5-6, and I just found out that I have a disc bulge at T8-10, T9-10. I just found out about the T disc's yesterday by looking at an old x-ray done by a bad doc that had my MRI sent to me after having it in their possission for 3 years!!! I think that is my... (28 replies)
... Hey Bwithit, I've never seen a chart that rates the efectiveness of individual pain kilers on specific types of pain, I would like to see it and you are alowed to tell us wjere if it's at a .edu sight or .gov sight. I just alittle skeptical as to how a chart predicts individual patient reponse. I've seen lots of charts and tables and thone of the hardest things to find is one... (4 replies)
... Hi Movie star, I'm sory to hear about all the probolems. I think your right, they really don't know what the long term efects of taking these meds are. If they do have long term data on any med it's going to be meth because it's been used in meth maint for decades. All the other meds have barely been around a decade and the meds like MSContin and dilaudid that have been... (19 replies)
... You having a pump installed now would be like asking for a pump implant for sprained ankle. Your meds are giving you maximum relief with little to no side effects. What's wrong with the orals other than you see the potential for even greater if not absolute and complete relief? Good luck getting passed the psych eval and good luck trying to maintain 100% relief, you won't be... (34 replies)
Dave-pump Question
Mar 16, 2006
... in strength of oral Vs Intrathecal morphine, My last oral dose of morphine was 600 mgs a day, my last dose of IT morphine was 12.5 mgs a day. They switched me to dialaudid because of the risk of developing a granuloma at the tip of the cath when they reached a concentration of 30 mgs per ml. ... (4 replies)
... Hey Conductor, Dialaudid or hyrdromorphone comes in 2,4 and 8 mg tablets it also comes in 5mg per ml solution. Dilauid HP is is a potent injectable version of 1mg per ml. ... (3 replies)
... I don't understand how a stonger BT med is going to reduce your need for BT medication. Your need for aqtiq will be more freqeuent than Dialaudid because it has an even shorter half life. Why not raise the base dose. ... (5 replies)
... TK, The basic steps are consult with the pump doc, psych eval, trial and implant of the pump and cath. It may take several trials, Dialaudid may cause less urinary retention or One of the fents may be better for an individual. ... (11 replies)
... Hi Marge,sorry this took so long. HMC is a a Purdue Canada product, only available up north. They claim 12 hours but you will probably be our resident expert on it. We just had a LA dilaudid product aproved in the US. It's made By Purdue US. Although we do share some products by purdue, our FDA has a lot of control over what is put on our market. The US version is marketed as... (3 replies)
... You can get pure oxy in 5mg, 15mg 30 mg, morphine in 15m and 30mg dialaudid in 4 and 8mg they make liquid versions of both for faster relief. One called Oxyfast which is 20mgs per ml there is a generic for that too. ... (5 replies)
... With Dilaudid, because it's about 7.5X stronger the increases may seem even smaller, like.1 or even less .05 increases may be more apropriate for Dialaudid because it's so much stronger than morphine. Any of the Fenatnyls can be used if Dilaudid causes intolerable side effects. ... (13 replies)
... Sorry this is turning it to a pump talk tidgys, but it's very interesting to to talk to others particularly in other countries. I was asleep for the the entire 1 hour procedure, The one question I didn't ask was how long does the titration usually take, They do have a formula for oral to intrathecal but it's just as ballpark as is any equianalgesic chart. It's not like they... (16 replies)
... udid used in the PCA machne was about 950 bucks for roughly 48 hours worth of meds. At the time I thought Dilauadid must be terribly expensive. It turns out oral dialaudid is actually rather cheap. ... (1 replies)

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