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... while i know that hydromorphone is the actual ingredient in dilaudid,i am curious about what the actual differences between the oxy M and hydro M are? ... (7 replies)
... atement about an entire calss testing as one. The first UA my present doc did 4 years ago while I used oxy as a BT with methadone came back positive for dilaudid and negative for oxy but that was the limit of that tests abilty. It was exceptable to test positive for hydromorphorph and not oxy back then. ... (15 replies)
... Hey guys, Methadone and Heroin are not related in any way other than meth is an Opioid and Heroin is an Opiate, meaning derived from opium, Opioids are all synthetic, Meth is no more synthetic heroin than oxycodone or hydromorphone. ... (15 replies)

Are opioids safe?
Sep 10, 2008
... Most also do not understand the difference between dependence and addiction. All people who take opioids chronically will develop dependence. ... (14 replies)
... nswer to the same question, to a fellow on this board. I have found over time, that the answer is so often needed for many people as a help for thier conversion, and starting this useful but difficult drug to titrate, that a permanant sticky would help everyone. ... (0 replies)
... It is great and has helped me alot. It takes 5 days to get into your system. The sedation will slowly get better. ... (5 replies)
... Hey Cajun, I took meth for several years and have used morphine for over a year, and tried OxyC and Duragesic. Pain wise, meth works well when dosed properly "to suite your needs" if you can handle the side effects, just like any med. ... (15 replies)
... I've used both and althouigh Dialaudid would be med of choice for post op pain when delivered IV through a PCA, I wasn't at all impressed with it orally. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Spark Gap, I realy don't have a problem with the pain scale either. I think my docs are prett bright people and know when people are blowing smoke and truly in pain. There are other symptoms of distress like BP. ... (5 replies)
... nutes dependning on the settings. If your not comfortable in the hopital, it's best to have someone there to advocate for you. Somethat can stomp the halls, yell and demand to see the surgeon now to manage uncontrolled pain. ... (4 replies)
... Darvecet is not methadone, It's in the same class of synthetic opiates as methadone, Levorphanol and Darvon, it has some NMDA blocking ability as do the other synthetics in this class. ... (15 replies)
Yay! New Meds!
Nov 18, 2005
... MS Contin and Avinza are both time released morphine, so there is no difference between the two. Avinza is supposed to be taken only once daily, but I know there are quite a few docs that prescribe it twice daily because it does not last 24hrs. ... (5 replies)
... ed equal for pain, however, individuals sometimes find one better than another..... its more about individual variations than oxycodone being better for headache and Dilaudid being better for renal colic etc. ... (5 replies)
... I have bounced between 120 mgs of meth and 600 mgs of morphine and back without any major difference in pain control. My head was much clearer and motivation was much easier to find while on morphine though and that's a major side effect if your still working. ... (3 replies)
... test would be to switch to a synthetic short acting med. Oxycodone, hydromorphone, Oxymorphone, They are all available in equally strong doses to the 30 mg MSIR and made a huge difference in my GI comfort level. ... (9 replies)
... So going from 10 mgs of oxycodone to 15 mgs of morphine isn't really giving you something significantly stronger, It's simply from a different class of opiates and he's hoping you respond better to what is really an equivelant dose by most standards. ... (4 replies)

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