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... you may have to call the dr to find out if the allergic reaction could still be from the morphine or if it is more likely the dilaudid causing it or if it could be from bupivacaine, if your pump contains it, or if from something different entirely. ... (20 replies)
... Hi OH. Neruo stims are generally used for neuopathic pain or radiculopothy. Pain that runs down your leg. If you dont have leg pain their wouldn't be much point in doing a stim. Pumps are better suited for somatic pain, crushing, stabbing, aching type pain. As far as reducing your dose, You really can't look at it that way. ... (5 replies)
... lad to hear the answers you gave me! I know for saftey reasons they really do have to be careful about starting the intrathecal meds. So, I understand the .5 mgs dilaudid to start is for safety reasons. I just didn't know how much they set the pumps to deliver and when. Guess that's all part of the titration process. ... (16 replies)

... cially if you cant tolerate the side effects froma dose that gives complete relief, It really isn't a realistic goal to be pain free. ... (20 replies)
... would still be the problem. Intrathecal delivery doesn't make people gain wieght. It can make living a sedentary life exeptable the same way it makes intolerable pain managable. ... (9 replies)
... depressants. Every doc has their own opinion on using opiates long term and if they use opiates they may or may not use bereak through meds, medication for pain that breaks through your regular long acting dose of pain medication. But pain medication is just one form of pain management. ... (3 replies)
... s made by Johnson and Johnson, It used to be called the arrow and now it's called the codman. You would have to do some research to see what they have available in their pump line. Medtronics has both programable and the non battery "Isomed" like the codman most people are familiar with. ... (6 replies)
... if they add in some marcaine or some orther drug. That will add up fast if they titrate me once a week or more and have to empty the pump and refill each time. ... (16 replies)
... reduction in pain. By no means is the pump a cure all for all pain. ... (9 replies)
... Hi Danielle, If your not going to be satisfied untill all your pain is completely relieved and vanishes or is taken entirely away by medication, your going to be continually disapointed. ... (10 replies)
... I have had two bilevel surgeries that failed. One in 1990, the cervical one were one level colapsed and never fused. Of course they never Rx'd opaites back then. I tried every modality available several times. ... (16 replies)
... day of Dilaudid. I was still in pain, but for the first time in several years, my head was clear and I was getting some pain relief. I also attributed a lot of the pain to a long surgery, two incisions, etc. The doctor was pretty optimistic as well. ... (20 replies)
... Wow, I feel like I'm remarkably fortunate compared to your situation. I've gone through withdrawal twice in the last 10 years to switch and am on Methadone right now plus break through percocet, and a muscle relaxant for the back spasms in general, flexiril sp? ... (9 replies)
... Hey Deseigner, I understand feeling that the doc should do something. Of course he should. I've been in PM since 93, I have 3 failed fusions and broken or pulled the screws out of every single set of hardware. ... (9 replies)
... But if a weak concentration is started you may never find a flow rate at that concentration. Changing meds and finding the right meds are other factors in finding a comfortable level. ... (10 replies)
... S1. I have had a pump since 2002, I'm actually on my second pump and will need this one replaced in the next 18 months. Medtronics Pumps generally last about 7 years and then need to be replaced. The thing with pumps are that not every PM doc is certified or qualified to manage a pump. ... (3 replies)
Pain Pump
Apr 25, 2006
... Hi Diane, I had a medtronics pump put in a about 2 years ago. ... (3 replies)
Pain Management
Apr 18, 2005
... Hi Rob, After 3 failed surgeries, 2 failed fusions and 2 sets of broen hardawre and all the non opiate pain management I could stand or they could think of, I spent about 4 years trying all the different long acting meds. ... (3 replies)
... don't have one of the hand helfd wand that delivers a bolus dose, I still use the same BT med I usaed in 04 and it still works because I don't use the max allowed or the same amount every day. So thBT meds still work for BT pain. ... (9 replies)
... If you have questions, I can try to answer, but I'm sure some other folks with pumps will be along. Noboday can really say Fentanyl will work better than dilaudid or Carfentanyl with work better than Suffentanyl. ... (9 replies)

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