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... hello can you please tell me about disogram as I am having 1 tomm on back Iam also scared thanks would appreciated it!! Iam a new member and dont know much about the site so please forgive as Iam just starting off take awhile to get to know how this works many thanks angel077 (6 replies)
... Tomorrow morning I will call the Neuro and let him know what has been going on. I will see him at the end if this month to go over the diskogram and what he thinks we should do next. ... (6 replies)
... Hi everyone, My Mom was able to make it here to drive me tomorrow morning to my diskogram. My Mom is having burning pain too and she said again today that she has a whole new perspective on how I must live with constant intense pain. She also said she just can't believe this is happening to her and she is scared and does not even know the cause yet Me on the other... (9 replies)

... I had a spinal stim implanted in Jan of 2011 after a successful trial in Nov of 2010. The trial period was GREAT except for the wires protruding from my back, which made for some difficult sleeping (I just ended up taping them down). After the trial had ended I told the doc that I definately want it, took my lower back pain from a 8 to about a 4. The spinal stim, I was... (6 replies)
... S1 via ALIF. I had this surgery in 2009, pain goes away for a few months then comes back vicious as ever. Another diskogram and I find that I have 3 more disks that have gone bad on me. ... (17 replies)
... Hi Sammy01, I had to go to my regular dr last night for pain medication since the PM dr didn't work out. They scheduled me with the wrong doctor within the practice and was kind of upset about it; the one they scheduled me with AGAIN didn't believe fibro is a real thing. The dr I normally see does believe (amazing that 2 different dr's within the same practice think... (49 replies)
... Hey Everyone! Steve I was not worried when you would post more concerned that the thread got moved and those that know me so well would not see it was moved. I started it here figuring that everyone that knows me and my situation would see it. I know your back to work and I am in no hurry. I am for sure not going anywhere!! LOL Butterflygirl, can you find out the... (23 replies)
... I also wanted to say almost 2 months ago my PM offered me some valium because the diskogram really sent my neck into a fit af raging spsams. I really did not think he would continue keeping me on them, and was surprised that he rx'ed them again. ... (18 replies)
... hey all. It will be interesting to hear what the report says. I for sure will let you know anything I find out. I also was sent a copy of the notes my Neurologist had sent to my GP. He stated that I am still having persistent severe neck pain and left arm pain that the diskogram did have strikingly positive results at 4-5 and C 5-6. He goes on saying that I also hae... (9 replies)
... Hi everyone, Thanks for all the replies. You are all very right about the "rest period" I have been trying my best at this time to really decrease my activity level. I have not been walking for exercise, only down to the little lake witch takes less than a min. I just sit down there and watch the birds. I have not been out to many meetings and I have only done the... (10 replies)
... I just picked up the written report of my diskogram and there are a few things that I do not understand. So if anyone can explain that would be great. ... (10 replies)
... Chrissy, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I would definitely follow up on the headache. The previous poster is correct you could have a leak. ((((Hugs)))) (6 replies)
... Chrissy, Don't worry. What you are feeling is very normal. I had a cervical discogram at 3 levels about a year ago and had frontal neck pain as well as increased normal pain for 2 weeks. They should have given you something extra for pain to take home. For me it was unfortunately demeral which did nothing. Now, the headache thing is a little worrysome as you may have some... (6 replies)
... Chrissy, Just wanted to say hello and let you know you are still (and always) in my prayers. I hope the additional pain subsides soon. I know headaches are a common thing to have after, but I wouldn't blame you if you just wanted to call and verify that the symptoms are normal. As Becky said, it is always good to have peace of mind. You are far more brave than I am. I... (6 replies)
... Chrissy, I am very sorry you are in so much pain. I had my discogram twice and both times I had severe pain for at least couple weeks. I am talking pain; I couldn't sleep, I was not able to lay on my back at all. I was increasing PK since couldn't stand the pain. Yes, it is very painful and it lasts for a while. My dr told me that more damage you have in your back -... (6 replies)
... Oh Chrissy: I'm so sorry you are feeling so bad after the discogram. If I were you I wouldn't hesitate to call the doc and/or the imaging center just to see what they have to say. Sometimes peace of mind goes a long way. You continue to be in my prayers. When is your final exam?? I'm praying that you are feeling better by then. My finals are done, (Thank you... (6 replies)
... Hi everyone, I am feeling really bad this morning. It is so painful to swallow. It feels like there is a couple little lumps or something on my neck. If I put my hands/fingers on my throat and feel around there is some soft type lumps. I cant really push that hard to feel them because my neck is hurting and it is sore from all the needles being there. I am alos... (6 replies)
... Yes, I agree that procedure is very painfullbut for the right reasons. It is the only way they can tell were your tears are in your discs between your verts. I will never forget the agony as they blew up each one of my discs.!:mad: niap (8 replies)
... Hello, Thanks so much everyone. I really believe that everyones prayers were with me yesterday, because I actually was able to concentrate on breathing through the awful parts and and not hyperventalate (sp) and move around to much. Jodom, are you having this done on you neck or a different area? Well here are the gorey details. They did all the hooking up of IV's... (8 replies)
... Chrissy, Thank God it's over and you are OK. You probably will have some increased sensetivity in that area, but Pain meds can help you with it. Good luck to you and rest now...:) (8 replies)

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