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... you are not crazy. If your husband has not been taking Vicodin for an extended period of time, thus allowing his body to adjust and be used to this medication, then it's not safe for him to drive a vehicle. ... (40 replies)
... To be honest, it's the 17 hours of driving with a herniated disc that worries me...depending on how long he's been taking the vicodin. ... (40 replies)
... He's crazy. He shouldn't even be driving 17 hours without meds, much less with them. ... (40 replies)

... with morphine but those conversions are single dose conversions and don't acount for the long half life, by the 5th day of taking 25 mgs of meth you have the same srum level as if you took 50mgs a day. ... (7 replies)
... I am in Australia and as far as driving under the influence at least in Queensland they have just resently came up with a test for drugs on the side of the road. ... (40 replies)
... I don't like driving on medications and rarely drive for all the reasons listed. ... (40 replies)
... etc. It's absurd that you have to go to an alcohol class when alcohol wasn't even involved. That's like one getting a DUI for drunk driving and they send you to a narcotics class. ... (40 replies)
... for today's for friend, shopping, errands, driving and family visit. ... (32 replies)
... Dilaudid is often compared to heroin, it's WAY up there in the potency level and supposedly one of the most dependency prone, but opioids are prone to that, regardless, just some more so than others. ... (17 replies)
... Hi Sea Lover, Although Vicodin may not be considered one of the stronger meds in the pain management community, If you haven't taken it before, it is a strong med. ... (21 replies)
... view. Unfortunately any drug can affect your driving performance.... ... (40 replies)
... o an intoxicated driver that has consumed alcohol. It is possible to be convicted of DUI or DWI when the driver has used a drug, whether a legal or illegal drug, and whether prescribed by a physician or not. ... (40 replies)
... Can you take Vicodin once in a while as pain flares up without withdrawal happening? ... (21 replies)
... Hey Cowboy, This is a topic that gets debated often, Yes we become acommadated to the side effects and feel as if we are not too impared to drive. ... (3 replies)
... I take vicodin daily and it has never made me tired, drowsy or interfered with my driving. ... (40 replies)
... c I also suffer from sleep apnea and have a possible narcolepsy tag. ... (3 replies)
... c I also suffer from sleep apnea and have a possible narcolepsy tag. ... (0 replies)
... Many of us may think that the meds don't affect us, but in reality, they do....More than we care to admit, or realize. Driving long distances is already tough enough....The effects of meds can be the differentiator... ... (40 replies)
... Interesting....I did not know this. Regards, Ex (40 replies)
... ybe I'm not the poster child for sober driving, but I've never had a problem, caused an accident, received any type of traffic violation, or anything relating to driving while on pain medication. ... (40 replies)

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