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... Thank-You Jean... Executor..10Sox...neckpatient...teegertoo2174..JBrown...ozzybug..Juliet31..brianpain..To all whom participated and for those whom share anew on this thread. I will be checking back to read of anymore inputs. After great thought and consideration for myself and family ~ for other people and their families... I am working dilligently with not driving..There... (40 replies)
... I am in Australia and as far as driving under the influence at least in Queensland they have just resently came up with a test for drugs on the side of the road. ... (40 replies)
... etc. It's absurd that you have to go to an alcohol class when alcohol wasn't even involved. That's like one getting a DUI for drunk driving and they send you to a narcotics class. ... (40 replies)

... Thank-You jma295psu & brianpain33 in sharing your experiences. This thread, has offered quite afew varieties of: 1). Personal validation of why one needs to do what they do. 2). How much med. one can take & drive. 3). How some are not aware of ramifications if there is an accident. (40 replies)
... wow...that must have been very scary. I hope the doctors can find the reason for the blackout. I guess you were very lucky to "only" hit a fence. I have a friend whose husband died the day after Christmas. He was driving on the interstate alone (he was going to the office for a couple hours). His car ran right into an overpass. He was killed instantly. He was the only car... (40 replies)
... Do you feel your driving is being impaired from you ankle weakness or vision? ... (40 replies)
... I don't like driving on medications and rarely drive for all the reasons listed. ... (40 replies)
... I think that this opinion is closest to my own. In a perfect world none of us would drive but most of us need to. I am glad that Australia is a little different in that it wouldn't be criminal if you are driving whilst taking benedryl, narcotics etc - unless of course these meds are affecting concentration & you are acting as you normally would,'t. Thanks. (40 replies)
... Just a note to all who may read this thread. I am in the northeastern US for reference. I am a chronic pain patient under the care of a PM doc. Currently I take 30 mg oxycodone 3X a day. This has been for several months as a step up from vicodin. In November, I was involved in a single car accident. The police were called as I hit a fence...long story short, I am now... (40 replies)
... IMHO, each person has to make the best decision they can given the circumstances of their particular situation. I'm not going to preach that no driving should occur because in reality, most of us need to drive at some point or another. ... (40 replies)
... I have tried to be more careful and pay more attention while driving because it is something that I have to do every day. I have to work and therefore have to drive to work. ... (40 replies)
... Interesting....I did not know this. Regards, Ex (40 replies)
... states, the definition of a drug is very broad, and typically includes any substance that can affect a person's mental or physical capacities to the extent that driving may be affected. ... (40 replies)
... Greetings Juliet :wave: I'm taking it for granted that you'd read all the posts...from 1 till now ;) A post from Executor puts it on the Line and the Law in the USA. I'm really glad that ~ this topic is bringing questions in you about the law and how it effects you in your Country ~ Check it out and put it up on the post... Would you beable to find out from the Law... (40 replies)
... Any number of medications can make you sleepy and are marked to indicate you should not take while driving until you know how it affects you. It can be anything from an antihistimine to blood pressure or heart medications. ... (40 replies)
... How much driving is too much? ... (40 replies)
... ybe I'm not the poster child for sober driving, but I've never had a problem, caused an accident, received any type of traffic violation, or anything relating to driving while on pain medication. ... (40 replies)
... Many of us may think that the meds don't affect us, but in reality, they do....More than we care to admit, or realize. Driving long distances is already tough enough....The effects of meds can be the differentiator... ... (40 replies)
... view. Unfortunately any drug can affect your driving performance.... ... (40 replies)
... Oh, Thank-You !!! ~ ~ Thank-You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, it doesn't effect me...It effects you enough to take the pain away. Then, hence your effected. I take this much.....:dizzy: :confused: :eek: :dizzy::confused: :eek: I felt as if I'd gone into brag-zzzzzz-ville on how much of what...who takes.... That was defeating the responsiblity of Meds. and Driving... I've... (40 replies)

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