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... view. Unfortunately any drug can affect your driving performance.... ... (40 replies)
... To be honest, it's the 17 hours of driving with a herniated disc that worries me...depending on how long he's been taking the vicodin. ... (40 replies)
... band was injured at work Oct. 1996 and had back surgery March 1997. They waited too long, and now he's screwed. He's got sciatic nerve pain that will probably be with him until he dies. ... (7 replies)

... for other people and their families... I am working dilligently with not driving.. ... (40 replies)
... I am in Australia and as far as driving under the influence at least in Queensland they have just resently came up with a test for drugs on the side of the road. In the introdutory advertising they have anounced that it only picks up ileagel drugs not any under prescription. ... (40 replies)
... I couldn't live with the memory in my mind that I've caused someone any loss of life nor limb. Let alone the possible lawsuit. I'm in enough physical pain.!! ... (40 replies)
... This is my first, and last, encounter with the law. I never thought about what I would do. I am grateful that no one was hurt. I couldn't live with myself if I did something to someone else, no matter what the circumstances. I am sad for your friend, I cannot imagine. ... (40 replies)
... with glasses. It was a slow progression, so I didn't notice the good eye taking over. And the affected ankle is on the left. I drive with the right foot. ... (40 replies)
... Amazing that the cop lied...I guess he wanted to ensure a conviction. I've heard too many "cop" stories in my life...Hope I don't come in contact with any..I'd be scared to death. ... (40 replies)
... n the breathalyzer as I knew I would. I thought that I was in the clear as I was on prescribed meds at the prescribed dose, so I told them then. I had the bottle with me and everything. ... (40 replies)
... I completely agree with you. From the beginning I was treated like a criminal. There are so many things that are wrong with my police report it's ridiculous. For whatever reason, the jerk wanted to find something to hit me with, so he requested a breathalyzer and a blood test. ... (40 replies)
... Thanks for sharing your story.... Just curious....How did they know to test you? Did they ask you if you had anything in your system? Seems like the punishment is overkill to me. I realize the law is the law, and I've been saying just that (in this thread), but you didn't hurt anyone. Most first time offenders who get DUIs for alcohol don't get jail time. Regards, ... (40 replies)
... icodin. In November, I was involved in a single car accident. The police were called as I hit a fence...long story short, I am now facing jail time. I am charged with DUI because my meds were in my system. Even if I had not taken them that day, they still could have said that I was under the influence. ... (40 replies)
... I have tried to be more careful and pay more attention while driving because it is something that I have to do every day. I have to work and therefore have to drive to work. ... (40 replies)
... Interesting....I did not know this. Regards, Ex (40 replies)
... I think this post sums it up for me. /Thread JB(kidding):angel: (40 replies)
... states, the definition of a drug is very broad, and typically includes any substance that can affect a person's mental or physical capacities to the extent that driving may be affected. ... (40 replies)
... Greetings Juliet :wave: I'm taking it for granted that you'd read all the posts...from 1 till now ;) A post from Executor puts it on the Line and the Law in the USA. I'm really glad that ~ this topic is bringing questions in you about the law and how it effects you in your Country ~ Check it out and put it up on the post... Would you beable to find out from the Law... (40 replies)
... I think the bottom line with all of this is that we're all ultimately responsible for our actions, and have to make the best decisions we can given our circumstances. ... (40 replies)
... Any number of medications can make you sleepy and are marked to indicate you should not take while driving until you know how it affects you. It can be anything from an antihistimine to blood pressure or heart medications. ... (40 replies)

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