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... r for you coming from the Fentanyl patches. Of those I believe Kadian and Opana ER have generic versions. However, I don't see any problems with wanting to try Oxycontin or Opana. I just wonder if the chance of success controlling your pain would be less. ... (7 replies)
... I was on Oxycontin 40 mg 3 times a day and 6 5 mg oxycodone for breakthrough. I have recently started the Duragesic fentanyl patch and it is working great. There or no peaks and valleys it's just steady pain relief. ... (6 replies)
... :)Hello vsromero, Yes, I do have chronic pain. My pain actually started when I was in jr. high school due to spondylolisthesis, and some scoliosis. I had my first fusion @ age 16 and was in a full body cast (chest to above knees) for three month's. I missed 7 months of my junior year of high school. I did well for years till my 30's, when the pain started back up again. I... (39 replies)

... the doc did not adjust the dose, they just switched me back to the norco. During my last visit, I asked the doc to possibly switch me back to the oxycontin at a higher dose and take me off the norco but instead she put me on the fentanyl patch. I do know that the dose of oxycontin was the minumum. ... (4 replies)
... At 9 to 12 Norco per day you are taking near poisonous levels of acetaminophen. It seems unusual to go from Hydrocodone to fentanyl. When you tried Oxycontin, did they try adjusting the dosage ? (4 replies)
... It doesn't seem to be controlling the pain anymore so my doctor recommended the Duragesic patch. I've never heard of this patch so I'm trying to research it but cant find out how it compares to the hydrocodone. ... (4 replies)
... It doesn't seem to be controlling the pain anymore so my doctor recommended the Duragesic patch. I've never heard of this patch so I'm trying to research it but cant find out how it compares to the hydrocodone. ... (1 replies)
... Mylan's matrix patch is NOTHING like the BRAND DURAGESIC MATRIX patch. Mylan was HORRIBLE!!! ... (67 replies)
... While I respect your opinion of the fentanyl patch - based on your own experience, I would hope that you gave up the habit of nibbling on other pain meds. You're playing with loaded dice when you alter the way in which you take your prescribed meds. (7 replies)
Apr 29, 2009
... I DID :eek: However, I will have to say that my tolerance was probably up there from taking Oxycontin, Percocet, and Vicodin for over a year. Then I was on Tramadol only for over a year (PURE AGONY:mad:). I went from 400mg tramadol to the 25mcg fentanyl patch. You talk about getting hit hard, wow! Keep in mind that she is only taking the 12.5 mcg patch which is probably the... (5 replies)
... most pills are not to be chewed. Espically if they are time released. I would check with your pharmacy to see what pills are okay to chew. Oxycontin can cause hot flashes, or it can be hormones. Have you seen a GYN for your hot flashes. Well good luck. ... (7 replies)
... the oxycontin, but then that just doesnt make any sense, because it would be both legs and I would think other parts of my body would swell too and i've been on oxycontin before for a month and this didnt happen. I got see my surgeon on Wednesday, so I guess i'll see what he things about it. ... (23 replies)
... Hi Kerry, There is no tylenol is OxyContin, MSContin, or any of the long acting opiates available. OxyC is the long acting version of oxycodone. MScontin is the 8 hour version of morphine. Kadian is a 12 hour version of morphine, Avinza is the 24 hour version of morphine. Then there is Opana, the long acting version of oxymorphone. Duragesic is the fentanyl patch that last... (4 replies)
... Every drug affects someone differently. To say Duragesic robbed you of life, is not a very good way to discuss your reaction from the drug. ... (7 replies)
... I was first put on .25mcg. of Duragesic and used the Mylan brand as it was available from both Walgreen's and Walmart. ... (7 replies)
... I have also had much more success on the patch than OC. I just couldn't get the OC to last more than about 6-8 hours. Ex (8 replies)
... Duragesic is a patch that is actually stronger than oxycontin. I'm currently on it and it's great for round the clock pain management. I'd say it defintely doesn't last its recomended 3 days, but you can negotiate the days with your doctor. Most know these really only last 2 days and change the script to reflect that fact. Good luck to you... (8 replies)
... Marie, I dont know if you have ever tried the fentanyl patch(Duragesic) but it helps to control moderate to severe pain and is used pretty succesfully, includuing me, by many here on this board. Hope you find luck too. If you do get relief on the Opana, can you make sure you report back to us. I would be interested in hearing about it. brian (31 replies)
... medication for you siince the Oxycontin is not agreeing with you. ... (31 replies)
... It may be that Oxycodone just doesn't work for you. You may need to try something else, such as the Duragesic patch... ... (31 replies)

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