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... I ran across this looking for other info. I thought it might help folks having difficulty switching away from duragesic or changing from duragesic to another LA opiate. ... (1 replies)
... Because that's what my pain is and I am unable to lower the strength of the Fentanyl patches that I am on. ... (39 replies)
... There are supplies of the duragesic patches out there to be purchased. It's a matter of what distributor they order from I would guess. ... (39 replies)

... :wave: Hi guys. Have any of you guys in the USA or regions where the Duragesic brand patches are being changed from the reservoir delivery system to the flat matrix system noticed if the spelling on the box has also changed to Dur-O-gesic (Durogesic)? Since starting on them 3 plus years ago I've always been dispensed Janssen-Cilag "Durogesic" Matrix patches no matter the... (67 replies)
... Yes, many people have to change the patches every 48. Some have even had to change every 24, although that is rare. Everyone's metabolism is different. Additionally, one's activity level has a lot do with it as well. Simply put, the hotter / faster your engine runs, the more quickly you will burn through the med. A person who is fairly active, for example, will have a... (10 replies)
... I find the Duragesic patch to work better than the generic Sandoz although the Sandoz was very close in strength. ... (67 replies)
... Sometimes when product changes like this occur.....Or if someone transitions between "brand" and "generic", Docs will bump them up to the next dosage strength to compensate for the difference. ... (67 replies)
... Also, what strength are you on? ... (67 replies)
... ery, my doctor suggested the Fentanyl patch and it has been a miracle for me. Major pain relief with no mental fogginess or constipation. I have been on the same strength for 10 months now. ... (11 replies)
Duragesic Question
Mar 15, 2007
... Gatsby~ Both posters gave you good advice...I am on Durgesic 75, and was even given breakthrough meds to help until it kicked in, as well as when I have moments of bad pain. I am also the caretaker for my 79 yr old mother, who moved closer to me and my family after we had to move for business. When she came down here 2 yrs ago, she was pretty independent, but that has... (12 replies)
... ood medicines out there for us without these addicted ones. I am having a new grandbaby in a couple of weeks and I am a mess so I don't know when I will have the strength to see the baby. ... (2 replies)
... Aranger, WOW, that steered me in the right direction... and I will look up that chart you were telling me about. lol I kept trying to search with words like levels of narcotics, etc - not a fancy word like that... AND, I asked in the beginning about a duragesic patch w/o even realizing it is the strongest of all of them. Boy, do I have a lot to learn before I can... (4 replies)
... Weaver, I'll try and clear a few things up for you. First, one thing to remember is that all drugs have a "brand" name and many have several. For instance, Vicodin-Lortab-Norco-Lorcet are all "Hydrocodone." Usually the only difference is the amount of Tylenol that is added. Percocet-Percodan-Tyloz-OxyIR-Roxicodone-OxyContin are all "Oxycodone". Again tylenol... (4 replies)
... on the Duragesic brand ones. Not to mention that they are sticking WAY better. Maybe it is psychological? ... (1 replies)
... but IMO that's underestimating the strength of oxycodone. ... (1 replies)
... Anyway there is a benefit to using two opiates from entirely different clases. Morphine is an opioid and Duragesic a synthetic opiate. So the idea is to cover a broader range of receptors. Duragesic will bind to receptors that orphine doesn't and vice versa. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks Drewtn, I have been keeping tabs on where its working best and I have been getting more aggressive with where I put it. At first I had been wearing it where my Dr told me too which is on my upper arms. I wasnt pleased with this location as it didnt work too well and I developed pretty bad rashes there. I have switched to my abdomen on the side and have got better... (21 replies)
... ere was a bit more in the patch when done. I also realized that it may be some type of filler mixed with the med. It might still seem to be a lot but maybe the strength is lower and just a gel left. ... (21 replies)
... Hey, Hummer.! I was about to Post my info on Bilbo's Thread, but I saw your's, so I figured why not put it here.! Seems like Alot of people have the Same Trouble, with the Patch not sticking on. All this info, -- I got thru reading up on some other Threads here in Pain Management. If you type Duragesic Patch, or Fentanyl Patch into the Search box up above (and have the... (6 replies)
... experience. I was prescribed the .75mcg fentanyl. It is the Mylan..and since I've read that these seem to have problems related to them in terms of not the same strength etc. Since I don't know any difference, I am asking this question based on this generic.. I found immediate benefit. ... (13 replies)

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