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... h 1 hand to my Rheum office, She gave me a shot of Cortisone in my Buttocks and 1 injection a Tramadol in the other. She also gave me a perscription for the 50mg Durgesic Patch. Thank God for one of the injections because the swelling went down but I still had alot of pain. ... (10 replies)
... littlejmb, If you have used the Tegaderm Plus Pads before to cover them then you shouldnt have any problem with the Bioclusive patches, but as Rite says they are bad about pulling the hair off, but its better then having those darn patches falling off everytime you turn around, as yes the Bioclusive patches are always free from Janssen, just tell them your durgesic patch keeps... (23 replies)
... e went to pick them up the pharmacy filled them with Brand and not Generic, they said the insurance would not pay for the generic but only pay for the brand name Durgesic Patch....Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone know why they are only paying for Brand.... ... (13 replies)

... I don't really understand why he made this leap from 3 lortab 5 per day to Neurostimulation. I told him the Lortab was not helping the pain at all and asked about putting me on a LA pain medication or the Durgesic Patch, he said I would have to get up totaking 8 lortab a day before he would give me an RX for the Durgesic, because he said the Durgesic 25mcg was like taking 11... (8 replies)
... Have the pharmacist get you the Sandoz--they are only little cheaper than the Janssen but are IDENTICAL--even the glue--they are made in the same manufacturing facility and by the same people--only the name is different--I know all this for a fact as my brother is a research chemist and does business with Alza thru Johnson-Mathey (manufacturer of Fentanyl I think)--As a... (60 replies)
... to find this thread on the board, my mom and I just had a conversation about the patch and the same thing has happened to her. She originally was on the Janssen Durgesic patch and it worked great! ... (60 replies)
... where she is going to apply the patch and she no longer has any problems, but you do have to have a script for the Nasonex........Hope this helps if you use the durgesic again....... ... (3 replies)
... My wife has been on the Durgesic 25mcg for 6 months and the PM Doctor still will not up her's to the 50mcg, he said he didnt want to go up to the doseage yet. ... (17 replies)
... id it helps alot with her back pain so I am hoping that maybe he will try me on it, I have a really bad stomach and the lortab makes it worse and I have read the Durgesic dosen't bother the stomach that much. ... (11 replies)
May 9, 2017
... Hey O. S. - I have significant photo-sensitivity also.......I cannot go out without my sunglasses; and if I'm with you, and I have somehow forgotten them, and you offer me your spare pair to borrow-I tell ya we have to go back and get mine-because they are super polarized and dark, so I can see well outside without- tearing up and sneezing-and no that is not wd symptoms-the... (19 replies)
... over a period of time due to having to remove them and reapply new ones. Also messes with my bpl's I'm sure. Thanks for the post. Wish I didn't have to be on durgesic at all!! ... (6 replies)
... opioid agonist. Have you considered the Durgesic patch? ... (15 replies)
... DDD here as well as sacral Iliac disease. LA MS Contin 30mg 2 x a day and percocets for BT. I was on the Durgesic patch but had issues keeping it on, getting overheated. I have had SI injections as well as RadioFrqu ablation which has HELPED. The nerve endings are zapped. ... (5 replies)
... e Miralax and addition of the Fruit and prunes things will get moving along again. After a while, before the LA Morphine was added, just taking Percacets and the Durgesic patch I adjusted . I have NOT adjusted with the morphine and it has been a few months. ... (8 replies)
... My PM recently changed me from the Durgesic patch to MSContin 2x day. I thought it was too strong but it is GREAT.. Hardly ever have to take my Break through meds !!!!! ... (13 replies)
... Recently I got out of bed and my leg started cramping really bad until the point I could not walk (my left leg). I went to the Dr. and had an MRI done which showed the L-5 on the siatic nerve. My Dr. had tried me on Methadone and durgesic patches due to (Fibromyaglia) but I can not take those because they make me sick. So he gave me Loratab, but 2 a day and these do not... (4 replies)
... Hi, I just experienced 4 days of withdrawal from the Duragesic Patch 50 at the end of April. My husband and I went on vacation in Gatlinburg, TN for a week. I don't know what I was thinking (well I am on the Durgesic Patch afterall) but I put my patch rx in the checked bag. I thought they might steal it from me or something if they checked my carry on. I have heard of this... (34 replies)
... Shannon- If you type in the words "Mylan vs Durgesic & Sandoz patch" in the search window, you will get all sorts of past threads that are very informative. Also, if you haven't used any, the pharmacy may take them back...Unlikely, but worth asking. Personally, I've never used the Mylan, so I can't offer any feedback. Izzy's Mom has, however, so hopefully she'll see this... (19 replies)
... Brian you are correct. My wife wears the patches and there is a number on the back of the box and as you said it is durgesic brand only..... ... (15 replies)
... Dear michele1982, To answer your main question: YES...Actiq's effective ingredient is fentanyl citrate. (Bluntly, I am truly shocked that I am unaware of these Fentora since it seems like I've taken practically every opiate known to man!) I will tell you what little I know about these Actiq. As others have indicated, they really are lacking in the taste department--just... (1 replies)

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