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... I know that most topics about early refills tend to refer to a person using class 3 drugs like Vicodin,etc. ... (14 replies)
... This explanation along with a few other is exactly whats happening with your friends refills and I can confirm based on personal experience. ... (14 replies)
... However, the million dollar question is why his Doc is permitting new scripts when he's using all his refills so quickly. ... (14 replies)

... In general,the majority of pharmacies(CVS,RiteAide,ect) will NOT refill narcotic scripts earlier than 25 days.In fact many PM's are now coinciding refill dates on a 28 day schedule. Even having 2 separate scripts you will run into a problem at the pharmacy level if they are in the same drug family(e.g. opioids) My first question though is........*what do you mean by... (7 replies)
... I've been seeing my PM doc for about 5 years. I have gone up in my dosage over the years, but have only requested early refills a couple of times. I was given a new medication to try out last month, a free 1 week trial and a script for one month. ... (7 replies)
... d cover me till the 25th of june,then get a 30 day supply on the 25th wich would cover me comfortably till i get back,with a few days to spare,this way,theres no early refills,everyones happy. Mad. ... (2 replies)
... I don't drive so it's not unusual for me to pick up my refills several days before I run out because my pharmacy is across town and I can't always get there. ... (6 replies)
... you ask for refills when the medications were set to run out. If you need stronger medication, you simply ask for them. That makes her job easier. ... (4 replies)
... (14 replies)
... Insurance companies usually have early refill rules for payment purposes, but if you're not using insurance, it shouldn't be an issue. ... (14 replies)
... Did you ever call in early for refills or say you lost your meds? ... (27 replies)
... I would have to wait until 30 days had passed before I could get my meds refilled. Now I have a flexible doc, pharmacy, and insurance, who are the final word on early refills, so I can get mine generally a day or even two before they run out. ... (6 replies)
... Technically, no. CIIs are not permitted "refills"...i.e. circled on the script. However, a 90 supply is possible via one of two ways: Docs can provide up to 90 days of post dated scripts...Three scripts, each to follow the other with dates pre-written on them. Docs can write a 90 day supply. (14 replies)
... have never have given me two different scripts, The one time I did try a med that didn't work was oral Dilaudiid, I called after 2 weeks, made an apt to be seen early and brought the remaining meds in for a count and disposal before being issued a new script. ... (7 replies)
... Shoreline had some really good points there. I also go in every month for my refills and unlike my previous doctor, who refilled me every 28 days with 30 days of meds. ... (7 replies)
... I didnt think that you could get refills on prescriptions like this. ... (14 replies)
... by the way, have you considered getting 90 day supplies? Some insurance companies will allow you to do this, and it's far more convenient. If your doctor is going to give you refills you anyway they might as well combine them (i.e., 90 day supply of schedule IV med instead of 30 day supply + 2 refills). (14 replies)
... I don't see anyone getting judgmental or beating you up. It isn't just the insurance that will only pay for one month at a time, but certain laws about controlled medication. It is a pain to have to go every month to get our meds, just like we have to go and see the Dr. every 8-10 weeks for our CII meds. there are certain that can exceptions where you can get a 90 day supply,... (12 replies)
... However, she has no idea. I don't lose my medication or call in for early refills. I did call in once a day early when she was fiddling around with my dose after having been on a set plan that was working. Maybe that spooked her, but it has been a while. ... (23 replies)
... s. You also talk about using other meds when you run out of your prescriptions and then turning to alcohol when you run out of meds. You say you don't call for early refills, but it sounds like you run out early and then substitute with other things until time for a refill. ... (23 replies)

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