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... vious abuse of them, but there is methadone which may work really well to treat any chronic pain issues, and will also help with the previous abuse history since methadone is used to treat addiction as well. ... (9 replies)
... on't see why not. I don't know of anything about either of them that would interfere with each other. I think some docs, don't want to prescribe Tramadol and Effexor together, but that would not me true for methadone. ... (1 replies)
... can i take effexor and methadone together (1 replies)

... anyway about 2 months ago i decided to look into trying methadone switching from oxycontin 60 mg tid with 10 mg prn bt pain, lyrica 150 mg bid, and 75 mg effexor daily. ... (0 replies)
... Thanks for replying. It's defently methadone, 10mg three times a day. It almost has an effect like when I first started on my depression medication effexor. It's not a really bad upset stomach. Just enough to let you know something is going on. TEXASCRITTER (6 replies)
... t. Then when the Perc's shot up in price and weren't working so well, I was put on the Methadone. I was using the Methadone for about 3 months and was switched to hydromorphone just the past couple weeks. ... (16 replies)
... Day 3, Sounds dramatic huh? Still not doing too bad, just lethargic and have that weird lost feeling. Had some nightmares last night like you have when you are a kid and being chased.....running, running. The pain in my back is getting worse and today seems to be really focusing on my crushed vertabrae. But it's also like the surface of my skin hurts on my lower back where I... (8 replies)
... hey farmboy sorry to hear you're not doing so well elavil is that like a benzo? if so theat will help with the anxiety you experience and the effexor should help with the depresion and anxiety as for the hydros i had those one time left over when i was out of my script of methadone and they did'nt touch the w/ds you can call your dr and he can prescribe you compazine or... (8 replies)
... I'm doing it again. About 8 weeks ago was the first attempt which ended miserably after 4 rotten days. This time I tapered down to about half my original daily dose. I had expected to taper all the way but I am impatient to get this over with. I have been feeling sick most of the six weeks anyway and would rather feel real sick for a short time and then try to get back to... (8 replies)
... Antidepressants. I was given Elavil and Effexor in the past year to see if it would work on the pain. ... (7 replies)
... Can I take Effexor for depression if I'm currently taking Methadone? ... (4 replies)
... l5 and i take effexor xr ,paxil, methadone 2 . ... (6 replies)
Med Questions
Jan 31, 2009
... When I went to generics like methadone and celexa, they are so cheap there was no need for a plan. ... (11 replies)
Med Questions
Jan 30, 2009
... I had my appointment today and I went prepared with good research about Methadone and Norco and my Dr was quite impressed. ... (11 replies)
Med question
Aug 5, 2008
... doing alittle something every day for 30 min like going to the store but now i just lay here get up and use the bathroom and thats been it but it feels like the effexor might be helping alittle i brushed my dog to day i count that as movment although he is small.... have you tried zanaflex? ... (13 replies)
... marcia: Welcome to the boards although you have been here for awhile. I know that nerve pain is one of the worst pains to deal with. It is very hard to control, very difficult to find the right drug or combination of medications/therapies that will help some. I do want to be honest and tell you that you probably will never be 100% pain free and that is not the goal of PM(pain... (4 replies)
... teirat: welcome to the boards and please come here any time for support or any questions that you might have. I have been wondering this for quite some time and don't take this the wrong way. But, I don't understand doctors that only put patients on Oxycontin when there are SO MANY different meds to use in addition to it that could help immensly with the nerve pain. There... (6 replies)
... WPTN3: Welcome to the boards and let me say that if your pain is mostly neuropathic in nature then the fentanyl may be of little use. Opiods/Opiates sometimes do little for neuropathic pain. Your PM doc really should be trying you on meds that usually do work specifically for neuropathic pain. The most common ones are Neurontin, Lyrica, Cymbalta, Ultram, and Topomax. Here is... (37 replies)
... Chrissy: I was really, really concerned about you making that convention. I know you have the commitment but you are really putting yourself to the limit and paying for it with the pain. I know you probably are already realizing this by now. I do know for a fact that pain directly, and I mean directly influences pain levels. I can tell you that I am one of those people too.... (5 replies)
... First of all welcome to the pain management board. I am similar to you in that I am still pretty young (34) and don't look like I have anything wrong with me. It took me quite a long time(4 years) of going through several doctors, many medications, procedures, surgeries, etc. to finally get a doctor that was caring and understanding and NOT afraid of presribing LA narcotic... (6 replies)

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