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Changing meds?
Nov 5, 2012
... To simplify what DaffyDolphin said, If you go from 10/325 norco to 5/325 Percocet, you may actually be taking a step down in pain relief. Now going from 10 mg norco to 10 mg oxy would be a step up and 10 mg norco to 7.5 percs would be considered equivilent on most conversion tables called equianalgesic charts. Meaning how to convert an equal dose of one anelgesic to an equal... (3 replies)
... the news and all the deaths, the stats about oxy and florida, couldvery easily ctake us back to the dark ages where the only thing a CP patient got for pain was elevill and a bunch of injections. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Alex, There are meds like anti inflamatories, muscle relaxers, antidepressants of all sorts arre used, but some get relief from the first one like Elevill they try and some have to try 5 or 8 to find something that helps. ... (11 replies)

... benefit. Treating painis simply trial and error. Somepeople respond to nerotin, some do better with Toppamax or one of the dozen or more other anti seizure meds. Elevill was the first anti deprerssant used to treat chrioonic pain and reduce substance P. ... (10 replies)
Panlor SS
Aug 14, 2006
... ts for nerve pain or anti siezure meds for nerve pain are very common and don't imply the pain is in your head, so try to be open to the idea that something like elevill may bring some relief even if it's just a little in addition to the pain meds. ... (4 replies)
Panlor SS
Aug 13, 2006
... Hi AviMomma, DHC isn't comonly used in the US, so it's hard to find any consistant data on it' s stength compared to other pain meds. The only consistancy I found was that it was twice as strong as regular codeine and weaker than hydrocodne, but your are taking more mgs of DHC to compensate for some of the difference in strength. I don't know what type of surgery you had... (4 replies)
... outh , and that's a side efects of juts about evry med wused in pain management. You don't produce enough salive to lear away the denatl caries and sme meds like elevill and trazadone, used for sleep , you wake up with tumble weeds blowing around in there. No doc has ever warned me about long ternm effects on teeth. ... (2 replies)
... Hey Blaster, St Johns Wart iuihas mild MAOI anti depressant action, so follow the rules of any MAOI like elevill or nortryptaline. ... (6 replies)
... If you do use a sleep med every night it will loose it's effectvenes very qickly. Some of the anti Depressants are also used. Elevill makes you sleepy and also mayhelp with nerve pain. All the antiD's are supposed to help with nerve pain by inhibiting sunstance P, a mnuero inflamatory agent. ... (8 replies)
Dave (shoreline)
Jan 9, 2006
... Stopping Elevill abruptly can cause a return of symptoms like depression, create a manic state if used for bipolar or simply cause symptoms such as nausea, headache, and malaise. ... (10 replies)
... I Think the guys pretty much covered it. For some reason they don't make the depression aspect of withdrawal as well knwn as the cold shakes but it can be equally severe. A far as using another med to increase or speed up serritonin or physiological changes, I's realy your docs call hopefuly based on experiernce and patient reporting. If it helps and he thinks it will help,... (4 replies)
Doc appt today
Dec 19, 2005
... One thing to remeber with meds like elevill and trazadone which are often used for sleep is that they dry your mouth out terribly which can lead to major dental problems down the road. ... (6 replies)
... Things certainlyhave changed and the IT has certainl leveledthe playing field where we don't have to xcept a pat on the had and try Elevill for the 4 times in 5 years. ... (7 replies)
... Hey Flox, I can tell you what they tried on me, They started with the anti parkinsons meds. I don't think it takes alot to wake us so even a small twitch or maybe you having major twitches and jerking, can be a precurser to Parkinsons so my doc says. He said I'm 25% more likely than the average person to develop parkinsons. After years of other meds Elevill, Trazadone,ambien,... (10 replies)
... reating nerve pain with elevil following a mastecectomy. As the nerves that were cut die, they pretty much go hay wire and fire off all kinds of signals and only Elevill managed that for her. However It can be sedating too. Elevill has a short half life so to truly be effective around the clock you have to take it 3 tmes a day. ... (8 replies)
... Hi BB25, Looks like any chronic pain combination, antidepressant Elevill, antisiezure "neurontin" and benzo "klonopin" which has anti siezure effects but would take a boat load to control a seizure disorder. An anti anxiety dose of Klonopin is usallly about 1/5 of what it would take to manage a seizure disorder. 2- 4 mgs of Klonopin will manage most anxiety but the dose for... (8 replies)
... First line treatment is normally Elevill which does work well for many people if dosed corectly and you can function on this med in the day. ... (3 replies)
... Hey Cofee drinker, It was my 4th PM clinic and about the 12th PM doc that finally began to manage my pain, Unfortunately it's not that unusual since there is no such medical specialty as Pain management that docs can choose as a spielty. Docs from many differnt fields can hang a PM sign out front and practice whatever type of PM they believe works. Unfortunately most of them... (5 replies)
... QUOTE: Hey TK, I understand antiD's being the cure for fibro being a pet peeve, it sends that message that things are all in your head, But there are some proven benefits to SSRI and the oldor meds like elevill reducing substance P which is commonly found at extremely high levels in peoples spinal fluid that have Fibro, substance P is a neuro inflamatory agent that's ony... (0 replies)
... Hi FabbyLIke Director said, Wlbutrin is the antiD they use that's supposed t have the least sexual side effects, Hoever someof the newer generation antiD's although still SSRI are supposed to have less than problems than some of the older. I didn't see any one specific drug that jumped out as a notorious labido killer other than Zoloft, but the problem may be that Ultram also... (14 replies)

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