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... I have been taking Endocet 10/325 for 4 years for break through pain. This month my pharmacy switched from their regular endo to watson generic 10/325. I noticed an immediate difference in the strength/pain coverage of the new generic. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what is a patient supposed to do? The new generic compared to the endo brand is 1/2 the... (2 replies)
... Watson is generally a pretty good pharmaceutical company. With most narcotics they put out, people report pretty good results. However, Endo is the company that makes brand name Percocet. They also make their own generic called Endocet. So you are getting the same drug from endo whether you use the generic or brand from them. Different companies use different fillers... (2 replies)
... Ken...Here's a list of Endo products from their website. You'll have to log on and probably contact them to find out about their assistance program. Patients - All Products This product information is intended for U.S. residents only. You should not construe anything on this site as a promotion or solicitation for any product or for the use of any product outside the... (6 replies)

... for non generic. And yes, I am familiar with Endo. I use Endocet in lieu of Percocet. My insurance automatically requires the generic be given unless the doc writes the script "fill brand only". ... (3 replies)
... Hi all, I just called my pharmacy and they are carrying the Sandoz patch, so good news. Question though. I see my PM doc tomorrow and am going to speak to him (unless I see the PA, then I may have to wait) but I take Endocet for bt, and since I've changed insurance companies I now pay $45 for Endo instead of $10 when I had my previous insurance. Question, the Endo is proving... (15 replies)
Aug 30, 2004
... Hey ya'll, :wave: I need to get some advice for my sister. She has just recently moved and has not been able to get in to see her new pm dr yet, so maybe someone can help with a dosing issue. She been taking MS Contin 15mg x2, Ms Contin 30mg x1 + endocet 10/325 x3 for bt. When her pcp wrote her script this month it was written for morphine sulfate with the correct... (2 replies)
... Hey Shore, I hope you are doing well. I haven't seen you post much. But I wanted to update you on my most recent purchase of one of my meds. I went to get my BT med, Endocet 10/325 #120, and instead of my copay being $20 it was a whopping $45! Ever since our group insurance changed to United Health Care and our share of ANYTHING is based on a percentage my meds have gone... (2 replies)
... I have been sitting in this chair for days, in agonizing pain. All I can think of is fighting the pain but I am exhausted after days and nights up with it. I am already a patient of a pain specialist, and am following my medications down to the minute, 6 times every 24 hours. I also have several serious health issues as well, and take many medications for those. I... (19 replies)
... Hello friends, I am seeking any support or advice while I wait for my first pain management appointment. I was referred to a pain mgmt doctor by my emergency room doctor, who has seen me many of the 20 plus times I have needed Emergency care in the last 12 weeks. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis, but my treating physician will not treat my pain anymore. I got... (4 replies)
... 3yearhurt, Is it just me or am I the only one flabbergasted here? You have gone through some MAJOR back injuries & surgeries and all they put you on is 2 Norco a day? No wonder you in such pain dear. Don't get me wrong, Norco (which I believe is straight hydrocodone, no fillers like acetaminophen or aspirin, if I'm wrong some will get it straight for me, it may have a filler),... (8 replies)
... Sorry guys I know these questions have been asked before, but could not find old posts with the answers I need. First how much meds are safe to take? I am on Percocet(endocet 10-325 mg) & oxycodone 20mg ER, Since surgery the script is for 1-2 perc. every 4-6 hrs, I have been taking 11/2 perc. 3 times aday, & oxy @ bedtime, starting today I am going to take motrin in between. I... (8 replies)
... Thank for all the replies, especially this morning, Since I am having an god awful morning. Took the oxy before even getting out of bed, once I was up & moving I could feel the pain just going up, up, up, so took a percocet. After reading your resposes I understand better how the oxy works. Scrappin, thanks the info. was extremely helpful. Marcia, My doctor does not... (6 replies)
... Hi, this is my first post here. I've been treated for severe fibromyalgia for the last 3 years. At that time, I was led through an exercise by a PT that SEVERELY twisted my trunk and tore all the muscles, ligaments and fascia on my sides and my mid-back. The pain was UNBEARABLE for about a month, and shortly thereafter settled into a chronic pain, all over my body, and... (7 replies)
... Question, the Endo is proving not as good for my bt, I've been on it for awhile. Most of my bt pain is pain from FM not from my back, Sparkles? What is this Diluid (sp?) and is it pretty cheap as a bt med? I usually don't need my bt meds until I've had my patch on for nearly a full day, and I like many of you don't get the full relief of 72 hours, and it's better if I apply... (15 replies)
... You could ask your doc to reduce your Tylenol to the 325 or maybe go with an Oxy IR that is Oxycodone only. You can always buy a bottle of Tylenol if you need and take one with it if you are needing it for pain. ... (2 replies)
... Endocet, are all "Oxycodone" as the primary drug. Some of these like Percocet have Tylenol added in, Percodan has Asprin added. Percocet comes in 5, 7.5, and 10 mg. They recently added a 2.5 mg as well. The Tylenol is usually 325 mg. ... (10 replies)
... My doc. switched me to Norco(hydroco/apa 10-325) from endocet, I have been in alot of pain this past week with not much relief from the endocet, which by the second dose of the day would normally hold me & give me the control I needed. The pain was getting way out of control back to the dry heaves could not even eat stuff along with a day of missed work. I can't get into the... (5 replies)
... Both of my parents have been on Endocet--a generic type of Percocet. When our pharmacy could not obtain Endocet (through some sort of problem with their wholesaler), they were both given another generic version of Percocet simply labeled Oxycodone/APAP 10/325. Within a few days, both of my parents were complaining of unusually high levels of pain. At first, I wasn't aware... (3 replies)
Nov 26, 2007
... I know nothing new for me -- don't know if you all remember but my surgeon reduced my meds to narco one every 12 hours and I ended up going to my GP who took over my meds. He put me on 10-325 percocet 3 to 4 a day. I am having major spinal surgery this Wednesday and I talked to my GP and he told me to get my meds from my surgeon and if he needed me to take them back over... (7 replies)
... Aahhh...IZZY'SMOM, This will actually be a legitimate response! Whoever thought of such an idea? Concerning BT pain with the fentanyl patch, there are many things available. I wear (use) the 75 mcg Sandoz fentanyl patch. For BT pain, I have two things at my disposal: Actiq 800 mcg and Dilaudid 8 mg. Kitt has a valid point concerning the Actiq. It is very potent... (14 replies)

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