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... Hi All I am writing because I really need some-one advice/help...I am fairly new to this site. A few days ago I started posting in Addiction and Recovery- I did not know this forum existed until another member told me. I did come over and look and thought I answered some-ones post but I can't find it-sorry! I have been a Chronic Pain Patient for several years due to... (6 replies)
... for the past 2 years I was taking Endone 5mg 4 times daily, 5mg Oxycontin at night and panadeine if needed during the day. ... (6 replies)
... and for now for the past 3 months or so I've been on Endone. It works for the pain as I'm unable to take panadine forte the codeine makes me constipated but the endone doesn't. ... (2 replies)

... endone side effects (0 replies)
... HI KathyMac, MadHatter Thankyou for your responses. The current agreement after yesterday is that I try to take 10mg Oxycontin SR twice a day... I Have done this about 7am this morning-went back to bed for a couple hours, awoke with headache not as bad as previous few mornings.... if this does not work I am not sure what should be done!! Just to give you an example of what... (6 replies)
... cidence that I hate coffee, tea, coke etc. The pharmacsit seems to be more worried about the reaction between the Luvox and Endone, as it's only after I take the endone that I'm becoming so lethargic and sleeping so much. If you read my reply above it kind of explains what she said to me. ... (7 replies)
... it hit me bad the next 2 days and once I got the fresh patch's on I came good. So it had to be that as far as I can tell. When I got sick I used the last of the endone to just get me through it. ... (24 replies)
... I guess with the increase in the patch, it might help you out some more. I am not sure if you taking the Endone sparingly is helping or hurting. Even when you run out of the endone, your body will go though some withdrawal even with the patch on. ... (24 replies)
... You're clearly not a drug seeker and endone does seem to break through your pain. ... (52 replies)
... Brian is correct in what he is saying. Just wanted to reinforce that I think your BT meds are your main issue. Also, re: the taping issue......More than likely, you were sweating and that's what caused the edges to come up...Thus, that particular patch probably didn't work very well overall. It takes a day or so for the BPL to re-build. Ex (24 replies)
... and you just can't ignore that. So my only option has been to take the Endone as I have nothing else that will bring it down. ... (52 replies)
... If you think that you are taking the Endone for the energy or anything like that then you do need to get off of it. ... (52 replies)
... eactions to a lot of antidepressants, the last sending me into an almost catatonic state. Now coming to the point of this post, I've never had a problem with the endone until I recently started taking the Luvox, now I find as soon as I take my endone I am pretty much knocked out and sleep for hours. ... (7 replies)
... hour from home and I was out of endone Valium and needed to talk to him about the Oxycontin I had been taking. ... (5 replies)
... mg tablets a day now plus Endone 5mg 5 x a day. it's now got to the point it doesn't seem to be working. ... (6 replies)
New to norspan
Mar 1, 2009
... Hiya, I don't know anything about the norspan, is it a pain releif patch?? but I have had the spinal cord stimulator trial done last sept 08, unfortunatly the surgeon placed the electrode on my spine in the wrong place so I was getting the stimulation in all the wrong places. I needed the stimulation in my back but due to it being in the wrong place it was stimulating my... (5 replies)
New to norspan
Mar 1, 2009
... I am a mum and i run a business and was quite comfortable taking endone up until my operation because i know how it works. ... (5 replies)
... Your doc needs to give you more Endone or whatever your BT med is, or up your LA stuff. ... (16 replies)
... Not much I can do apart from use the oxycodone and valium to get me through until I can see him. Lucky a have some to use, I will have to ask for more of the endone and valium as well, and I don't like to ask because I never know the reaction I will get, yes or no. ... (30 replies)
... HI Amanda I am really sorry this is happening to you. Too me it seems to show the ignorance of the Surgeon etc....going back a few years ago I had my gall-bladder out- at that stage I was taking Endone 5mg 4 x daily- the anethaesist arranged for me to to given 5mg Endone about hour prior to surgery, he also put up a morphine infusion that I could use if needed after... (6 replies)

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