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... Thanks for your detailed response. Interesting on the Fentanyl. As for my Dilaudid, my PM doctor wrote it as take it 3 times a day. So, my case is a little different in that aspect. I'm just thankful that he's found a combo that doesn't have me in horrific pain. Again, thanks for taking the time to write back to me explaining all of this. I've been on the patch before, but... (11 replies)
... When I was using the Fentanyl patches by the 3rd day I wasn't in severe pain either, but it was definetely noticeable and it was almost as if I was starting to go into mild withdrawl. ... (11 replies)
... however, it's not debilitating pain by the 3rd day... and the Dilaudid seems to keep it under control until I change the patch. I'm going to keep a schedule though, should my pain symptoms change. ... (11 replies)

... I was on the Fentanyl patches for a little while. I found that switching the patches every 2 days instead of every 3 days worked great. ... (11 replies)
... d's the Fentanyl will replace the oxy in your system. The fentanyl should give you pretty good pain coverage, it's the strongest out patient narcotic, and dilaudid works on a different pain center, so they should compliment each other well. ... (11 replies)
... t find much info on the web regarding this. My PM Doctor switched me to the Fentanyl patch, .75, along with my Dilaudid 4mg. ... (11 replies)
... Hi Shawn, Actually different opiaites do work better on different types of pain. Everyone reponse is going to be difeferent but generally, methadone works better on neuro panin, Oxycodone works better on visceral pain. Because different opiates bind to different opiate receptors the response can be very dramatic from one to the other. They all bind to some common receptors... (5 replies)
... I know it is a long acting dilaudid type capsule coming in strengths up to 32mg a capsule. Also I don't know much about methadone either? ... (5 replies)
... As far as new, I believe the most recent long acting meds to come to market are Exalgo (hydromorphone/dilaudid) and Zohydro ER (hydrocodone). What makes you nervous about Methadone? It seems to have a negative connotation as it is also used for addiction. Also, you hear about a lot of overdoses...however, that is typically from taking way too much (which is bad as it builds... (5 replies)
... Sorry you are dealing with so much. Do the pain meds help you cope with the pain? Often that is the best we can hope for. If you don't think your doctor is maximizing your treatment, than you may want to try a new one. One way to do this is to research some other pain management doctors in your area and make a new patient appointment (or few), and ask them what they would... (1 replies)
... I was put on the 25 mcg Fentanyl patch with Tylenol 3's for BT. I weaned myself off of Fentanyl for several reasons, one was to see what my actual chronic pain level was. I found out that I could not live without some kind of pain medication. ... (14 replies)
... specific guidance besides to continue trying meds your doctors are willing to prescribe, and get into a pain doctor which would at least consider prescribing the Fentanyl patch. ... (17 replies)
... and wrote a script for a few 2 mg Dilaudid for me to try. I tried the Dilaudid this a.m. ... (17 replies)
... Hi there! Thanks so much for replying to my post! Wow! I'm so very sorry that you also are stuck dealing with these horrible little not so good friends hanging around you all of the time as well! It isn't a life I wanted by any means but its the one God stuck me with for whatever reason so all I can do is try to find something to help get my pain under control & perhaps try to... (17 replies)
... Nucynta, and Fentanyl patches. ... (32 replies)
... Hi bonz, I understand severe, unrelenting pain & have arachnoiditis,migraines, fibro & midrin worked wonderful for me if i took it with a parafon forte, one of those combos that took years to find but now midrin is not manufactured anymore. I had duragesic patches which is long acting & long acting morphine at the same time & never needed to be given bt... (17 replies)
... I didn't have help to get off fentanyl then. It was hell for over a week. I lost nearly 20 pounds. I would not repeat that again without help. ... (18 replies)
... Sounds like your doctor was referring to the new med Exalgo, with is a 24 hour long acting hydromorphone (Dilaudid). If you respond well to the short acting form of it and can afford a brand name med, it may be a good oral med option for you. Its all trial & error though. I too had horrid issues with the patches. Even using the covers I wasn't feeling like I was getting... (9 replies)
... It is Dilaudid and Bupivacaine. I had the Medtronic Syncrhomed II implanted 40 ml. It gives me 0.48 mL per day. I can give myself a bolus of 0.100 during the day. ... (0 replies)
... First, just wanted to say thank you for your concern- means a lot! so after about two weeks...I LOVE it! My pain is at a steady 4-5 around the clock and when I have a bad moment the Oxy IR I have for BT knocks it right now. This is a miracle drug as far as I am concerned. I do feel like I may do better on a 3x/day dosing schedule though. I work in a kitchen and my... (11 replies)

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