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Fentanyl sandoz
Apr 7, 2009
... I have been on the Sandoz brand for over 1 year now and have not really encountered any problems with them. ... (2 replies)
Fentanyl sandoz
Apr 6, 2009
... Fentanyl transdermal patches. Each month since the Sandoz recall last year, I've been given Mylan, successfully. For the last two months my pharmacy has given me Sandoz patches and I have been through hell. At times I go through withdrawal with my body in constant movement and I am unable to sit or lie down. ... (2 replies)
... Mylan may be another one to try if you can't find Sandoz as it is pretty common...lots of chatter which shows it being either hit or miss though. ... (5 replies)

... Thank you Kate. Never used Sandoz but is generic equivalent to Duragesic and hope patch to last 3 days. ... (5 replies)
... I would like to get the inexpensive generic Sandoz brand for my fentanyl patch. Does anyone know how to determine what brands a pharmacy stocks. Pharmacies like at Walmart or CVS or Rite AID or Walgreens? ... (5 replies)
... patch is key. Some brands like Mallinkrdodt or mallies as some call them such when compared to Sandoz or the brand name Duragesic patch. ... (6 replies)
... and run with the lowest dose of Fentanyl I feel good on. There are good reasons for whichever way you and your Doc decide to go! ... (14 replies)
... Hi nicole, My dr said that the tolerance to opiates is almost a prerequisite for the fentanyl patch & he started the dose at 25 mcg & raised it per month until it was working but i have had bt meds too. Here where i live, different pharmacies carry different brands of generic patches & each one usually only carries one brand of generic. I.e. walgreens has watson, cvs has... (3 replies)
... Thank you for your reply. I've worn the patch 2 days now and I'm still here. I'm still worried about the patches leaking, but I can carefully check the bottom before applying. I might have to switch pharmacies to find the mylan brand if my reg pharmacy can't order another brand. I wouldn't mind using brand name if they are not gel or the sandoz. I had issues with... (3 replies)
... I recently switched off of 120mg MS Contin daily to the 50 mcg generic patch. I first used sandoz, which worked okay and no major issues. Then the pharmacy then had apotex, which tore my skin and now I have scars. I asked for another brand, but they didn't carry any, so I had to go to a different pharmacy(pain clinic okay'd this). They gave me Watson brand which has the... (3 replies)
... Mrs flannery, i didnt know for years that if a "white or cloudy" area showed under patch that meant it wasnt stuck so i wasnt getting the medicine. So, i started to press my palm or fingertips over the patch (especially corners & edges) & pushed firmly for 60 seconds by the clock then covered with overlay dressing & no more problems! Duragesic brand sends free biocclusive... (9 replies)
... where the 100mcg Duragesic and Sandoz contain 16. ... (19 replies)
... Hi ctspine again, yes, i forgot, thank you tgirl, i hated duragesic brand & sandoz,the plastic is 2-ply & harder, they are big & only have glue around edges. I use mylan, plastic more pliable, the medicine is actually in the glue, if you hold it on for 1 minute, it stays the 2- 3 days, stuck. On the name brand & others mentioned it has a gel thru a membrane delivery system, &... (19 replies)
... I haven't done the switch to Milkinkroft yet since I swapped my patch this morning (75 Sandoz) and there was still no neck pain and no allergic reaction to the adhesive either! I think because the glue isn't sticking to me, I'm not getting the rashes, so my best bet is to stick with what is giving me the best pain relief. I did have to put a Milkinkroft 50 and 2 Sandoz 12... (63 replies)
... Hope your pharmacist can switch them out...I've heard often not, even when unopened. Interesting Mallinkroft is better than Sandoz for you. Most say opposite, but I guess you are only talking about stickiness, not pain relief. ... (63 replies)
... than enough extra cover adhering to my skin around the patch. The 75's really don't stick to me at all, and the larger Tegaderms are REALLY expensive! I called Sandoz today and they don't offer any free coverings, except they recommend Bioclusive covers for use with their product. ... (63 replies)
... This morning was a revelation. I woke up with NO PAIN. I used no Flonase, and put the 75mcg Sandoz patch on my flank with two tegaderm covers next to each other to hold it down, and it finally stayed secure. I couldn't believe it. ... (63 replies)
... Well, I'm over it. I put another call into my doc. With the heat the way it was today, I wasted 3 75mcg Sandoz patches (with tegaderm covers, and the covers the pharmacy gave me for free). I even left a message for Sandoz. The adhesive just doesn't work on these things and I know I'm not getting my proper medication due to the pain in the morning and lack of irritation at... (63 replies)
... I just got my new script of 75mcg (Sandoz). I put the first one on with a NextCare covering and it was so hot today, it was already peeling off at all four corners 4 hours later. One patch wasted. Grrr. I also need to stop taking the Claritin on a daily basis (I have a lot of medication sensitivities due to my six month battle with candida and my half working spleen...),... (63 replies)
... My 100s are Watson brand and my 50s are Apotex. I don't have any means for comparison as I was only on 25s in addition to my other meds before. Trying to get Sandoz next week, but we'll see. I'm happy to be able to have my script filled on the same day, as it seems like 100s are tough to find? ... (63 replies)

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