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... expensive pain medication for chronic back pain. I hope this is clearing up my frustrations, questions, and concerns somewhat. If not, it's because of the dumb Fentenyl Patch making me feel "drugged up" JK. Lol. Ok. The first visit I had with him, he prescribed Oxycontin. I bought 10 and they helped greatly. ... (6 replies)
... I had another MRI done. I haven't found out any results back of that one yet. I'm starting again on the Fentenyl Patch 25 mcg. every 72 hours. ... (6 replies)
... IMO,there is ZERO chance you are going from a Fentenyl Patch.....esp after you stopped taking hydrocodone for 2 months as you stated. ... (5 replies)

... mcgs fentenyl patch daily. The Suboxone works much better than the opiates did for me. ... (7 replies)
... So are you feeling over medicated (not having much pain and feeling drugged) or is it that you have a lot of pain still but the drugged feeling is a side effect? How much oxycodone are you taking? Taking 15mg of oxycodone four times a day would be 60mg, which is actually a lot compared to the would be about equal to another 25mcg + patch, so more than your long... (6 replies)
... Hi, I know the frustrations trying to keep the patches on sometimes. Especially in the summer when you sweat more and may be in the pool or the ocean. As far as keeping them on, as others have suggested be sure to have the sight clean prior to putting it on, no lotion or anything in the area. The tegaderms really do help but as someone else said, if not adhered properly you... (6 replies)
... You probably know this but, it does help to clean the area with alcohol before applying. Also I hate the brand I get at Walgreens but the ones I get at Kroger work much better. I do have a scrip to change them every 48 hours cause they would not work for three days. I am getting ready to get off of them tho cause I hate having no control on what my body is getting. For some... (6 replies)
... Could you summarize what your questions are? Have you asked your doctor if you can change them more frequently, such as every 48 hours? Are you saying that they literally aren't staying stuck, or don't work that long? If you aren't already, try using covers on them, like Tegaderm. If the patch isn't sticking, you also aren't getting the full med amount. You can also get... (6 replies)
... I know how you feel my dr just changed me to exalgo. Which is not helping me and it cost $639.00 when I picked it up at the pharmacy. This is for one month supply. I have been doing a lot of research on the most effective and the medicines that are least expensive. Try typing in a list of extended release medication for pain and the cost comparison of each. I did this earlier... (6 replies)
Feb 10, 2013
... Hello. Yes I sure have had good results with Tramadol. But, right now I'm not. I have really only had successful results with it when my pain was more mild to moderate. Right now it's not and I'm on the Fentenyl patch with oxycodone for break-thru pain. The two of them work good together. For you, I would say that it's depending on if your pain is more moderate or... (3 replies)
... Lidocaine patches are topical and there is no anti inflammatory in it. You put them on the painful area for 12 hours a day, then take them off.....Butrans is also a patch that is available for treating pain, but again, the pain management doctor is the best person to be discussing your treatment options with. He will examine you again, and decide if the pain is primarily... (5 replies)
... I was just hoping to find something topical that is not an nsaid. This is the only patch ive heard of. The pain is terrible, i just got tired of all the vicodin side effects. Maybe ill just have to go back on it, ill ask him about other topical options.. (5 replies)
... In your situation, no fentanyl is not even close to being a reasonable request for treating your pain. In fact, given that you decided to stop taking the vicoden, you would be starting over at the beginning for treating pain- there are other anti inflammatories that may be a better option for you, as well as several of the nerve pain medications might be a better option for... (5 replies)
... If I was in your shoes I would go to your doctor and go through what you are currently going for pain management, what you tried & failed in the past, and what they recommend for the future. Do you see a pain specialist? If not, that is a good route to take. The fact that you stopped taking the Vicodin (one of the weakest narcotics) on your own in a doctor's eyes would mean... (5 replies)
... I sprain/broke my ankle 7 years ago, 1 surgery in 2007 to remove chipped bone, next surgery last year to scrape arthritis, last surgery 3 mos ago to fuse joint/plantar faciitis and tarsal tunnel release. My foot is super painful, i think it will go away- in about a year of recouping. I was on vicodin for almost a year, but I don't want to take it anymore and haven't for 2... (5 replies)
... ld want to use....Fentenyl is out...tried it once, in the summer...would not stick, wasted more then I used, and also because of the hot weather, too much of the fentenyl was absorbed and I started to get sick from it. Do not know where to go from here... ... (9 replies)
... I was very lucky. BUT now I'm on fentenyl its a pain patch.. ... (23 replies)
... So he tried me on Fentenyl 50 that was too strong for me, then went to 15mcg. that was fine. So I was on that plus pills 3x day. ... (0 replies)
... Thats a really positive story of change. I had a similar issue/request to my PM doc this month. I hated the roller coaster / up & down feeling of MS Contin with Norco for BT, so I asked of there was a change to my meds that would eliminate some of that feeling. The originally thought of Morphine IR for BT & to leave my LA MSC the same, then suggested the Fentenyl patch,... (19 replies)
... Boxerluver, I'm so grateful that you brought up the relationship between kidney stones and auto-immune diseases. In addition, to my chronic stones, I also have an auto-immune disease (Henoch-Schonlein purpura) that's been present throughout childhood and adolescence, but the symptoms tend to manifest themselves in episodes, although the disease it self is chronic. Also,... (51 replies)

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