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... early, do they mean earlier than the prescription is dated by the doctor. Or earlier than its due.? ... (6 replies)
... I recently went on vacation and had my PM doctor write "vacation override" on the Rx form and it allowed me to fill it early. This information also gets sent to the insurance company so they know why it's being filled early and it also thus gets covered under insurance. ... (9 replies)
... If your Doc is ok with the early refill, then the pharmacist should permit it. I would have him write you a quick note....Doesn't have to be anything fancy....Saying early refill is ok. ... (14 replies)

... Yes, Katlovesdogs is correct. Another popular independent to look for is the "Medicine Shoppe." It's a nationwide franchise, but each is independently owned....Like a Subway. They pay a monthly fee to corporate in order to use the name and they get access to cheap inventory. However, they are completely independent in terms of day-to-day operations. As Kat says, most... (14 replies)
... I love that i don't have to wait at my current independent and at first they were nice but I noticed that sometimes the pharmacist will play "God" with my refills. She will NOT budge at all for the 30 days on my percs but will allow the MS Contin to go a day or 2 early. Last month I had to wait 3 days for my percs as she said it was an insurance thing. I am thinking about... (14 replies)
... If you get to know the pharmacist in a chain store, then a chain can also be great. But that takes time and doesn't always happen. I agree that an independent is probably better than a chain for CP patients. But, there are pharmacists at chains that will get to know you and label your bottle so you know it's saved for you. They can order early, etc., and make sure if they're... (14 replies)
... I often go to the big chain pharmacy and most of them will fill a 30 day supply a couple days early. ... (14 replies)
... will fill at midnight because technically is IS the next day. I don't use them but I know someone that does. We have a local pharmacy called "Care" and I LOVE them there. ... (14 replies)
... t. There are pharamcist that play little games or get over zeoulous as far as prenting diversion and will make you wait untill day 30 or even day 31. My doc puts fill on or after dates on ever script. Day 30 is calculated and that's when I can fill it. Thats the bottom line answer. ... (14 replies)
... been filled in advance through one of those mail pharmacies but the problem was I had a whole month left before I left, so when I went to the pharmacy to get my prescription the pharmacist told me I couldn't refill it because I had just gotten a 3 month supply filled and what was I doing coming in for a refill... ... (19 replies)
... but I'd be surprised if you can find one willing to fill an out of state Schedule 2 script. ... (13 replies)
... years now. I figured I would share a little on this topic. I live in Oregon and I am a member of Kiaser Permanente. My primary care doctor prescribes my monthly prescription of opiate medication. However, he only gets direction from my pain doctor as far as dosage. I only see my PCP for a med review twice a year. ... (33 replies)
... I got it filled on the 9th and tomorrow is the 26th (17th day) but I'm going to get in touch with the pharmacy in the morning and explain my trip and maybe they'll understand. I did use to work in the next department over in the store so maybe that'll come in handy. Thank you (5 replies)
... I used to take tramadol and they will only fill it for me 5 days in advance,something about it being in a class of controlled drugs. ... (5 replies)
... Welcome! Typically in this situation it should be coordinated with the doctor ahead of time to be allowed an early refill due to travel. However, it seems it is too late to do anything before you leave. ... (5 replies)
... and ask what you should do in the situation. So it sounds like your doctor doesn't make you go in person each month, and instead gives you scripts with dates to fill on or after? ... (9 replies)
... And for what it's worth I think it's funny that you mention it being the law that a pharmacist not let an insured person pay cash to bypass the fill date. ... (20 replies)
... way be patient and my high risk OB who prescribes the norco told me to take additional since there wasn't anything else for me to take. He set up an office visit early for me so I could get my prescription early. NO I did not receive medications from any of the other doctors I called or saw in that two week time frame. ... (20 replies)
... The pharmacist has every right not to fill a prescription early, no matter what. ... (20 replies)
... I am also wondering why a person would need to fill a new prescription every month by 5 days? ... (13 replies)

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