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... Hi brian, I've just read the information about brands & what the pharmaceutical company's are doing, and am so shocked, its disgusting for these companys to sell people who are in pain drugs with less active ingredients in and which are less effective, just so they can make a quick bit of money. They are playing with peoples lifes, it must be so frustrating to have been... (13 replies)
... variation allowance between brands and generics. ... (13 replies)
... There's a huge difference between these generic brands. If there are so many people complaining of the same thing; mallinkort is not nearly as effective as watson then why the heck do these pharmacies carry them? I asked my pharmacist before filling mine if they had watson instead and he said that he has enough for my script but when they run out of watson they will only... (13 replies)

... Most definitely each generic brand can have a varied amnt of the actual hydrocodone. FDA states they can have a range from 1=20% of the actual meds. Some one once said that is the reason kidney transplant patients never get generics because such a range could be deadly. I know with my percocets I get the Endocet brand and that is as close to brand name I can get and they work... (13 replies)
... brand. I notice a difference in the effectiveness between the 2. Is this in my head or do the different brands have different effects? ... (13 replies)
... Watson brand hydrocodone, for example, makes me so nauseous that I can't take it. Other brands work just fine with no side effects. ... (5 replies)
... No, you're not. Please see the thread titled Brand vs generics- Major Findings. Generics are legally permitted up to a +/- 20% variance in the active ingredient under the Hatch-Waxman Act. Thus, some generics are all over the place in terms of potency. With pain... (7 replies)
... There is always this ongoing debate on brands but not everyone has problems. ... (7 replies)
... I think I started and was on the watson brands for a long while and then at some point the pharmacy probably switched to the mallicroft brand and that might have been when I started to develope issues with getting sick from the pain meds where before, the 1-2 pills as needed every 4-6 hours was never a problem but now I will throw up if I need to go to that level/freq of meds... (7 replies)
... I have been on both brands and prefer the watson. ... (7 replies)
... Could you post a link to the thread? When I search I find a ton of results for specific meds. Thanks ;) (7 replies)
... For me, the generic oxycodone by Mallinckrodt worked better than another generic but I cannot remeber the manufacturer. It was was round and pale yellow. And also what's weird is that I recently switched over from Mallinckrodt 15mg oxycodone to Oxycontin by Purdue-Frederik - a 20mg pill cut to 15mg and crushed, and the 15mg generic worked better for me. I don't know if... (7 replies)
... IMO, brand is always better. Please see the thread "Brand vs generic-major findings".....Lots of great information re: brands vs generics. Regards, Ex (7 replies)
... Yes, Brian is correct. My pharmacist told me that the way the pharmacy industry does rebates is this: When a pharmacy bills an insurance company for a med, they get rebated back the "average wholesale cost" of all the drugs in that class. So, if a pharmacy requests reimbursement for a Duragesic patch for example, the insurance company will rebate back to the pharmacy the... (13 replies)
... The reason is the cost. That is usually always the reason especially in this economy. Most of the chain pharmacies have gone to the Mallincrodt generic brand. Of course you get what you pay for especially with pain meds so the cheaper, the less effective but more profitable for the pharmacy, it's sad but true. brian (13 replies)
... I second everyone else's opinion on the Mallincrodt (crap) brand of Vicoden. I went from this to another generic brand and noticed a big difference. The other generic brand was much stronger and took care of the pain better. That is the reason why I won't even get this filled at CVS. brian (13 replies)
... My husband, and I are going through this now with Mallinckrodt oxycodone 30mg. My husband got this same brand last month when his Doctor was giving him the 15mg. We had to deal with a different chain drug store this month, because they are the only drug store that had any brand of oxycodone. This is a sorry, terrible brand. I have found out that there are a few good... (13 replies)
... Ask your pharmacist if he/she would be willing to order and stock the watson brand. A lot of them have heard about this problem and they may be willing to assist you by ordering the other generic. I kow that mine was more t han willing to assist when the same thing happened to me. The worst thing they can say is no and you'll be no worse off than you are now. Best case,... (13 replies)
... I think each pharmacy stocks whichever brand they want. Unfortunately, I have a pain contract that dictates what pharmacy I can go to. There is a Walgreens pharmacy that carries the watson brand, but I would have to switch my pain contract and travel over 26 miles to the nearest pharmacy, instead of 8 miles to the pharmacy here in town. Thanks for all the feedback, I'm glad... (13 replies)
... I too feel the same way. I have the generic from mallinkroft and I'm going through them like water; they just don't work. I was thinking maybe I got use to the dose but then I was thinking that can't be possible since I just was upted . I didn't know if you can request a certain generic at the time of refills, can you? (13 replies)

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