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... Yes they do make hydrocodone without acetaminophen. I cannot take tylenol due to an overdose as a youngster. I know they make it because I have it in my cupboard. ... (7 replies)
... hydrocodone without acetaminophen (7 replies)
... what is the name of hydrocodone without acetaminophen (20 replies)

... If you want hydrocodone without acetaminophen, you need to go to a compounding pharmacy and get it made up especialy for yuo, as there is no commercial product. ... (13 replies)
... hydro without acetaminophen jumps upto a CII drug, which obliviates the main advantage of it over oxycodeone based meds - that it is only CIII If you want a narcotic without APAP, I'd ask about "straight" oxycodone I am from Australia, and virtualy none of out narcotic pain meds contain APAP - you get prescribed your oxycodone or whatever, and also APAP tablets, to mix... (7 replies)
... Hi jivacite, Thank you for sharing & welcome to healthboards! I would be very interested to hear how the Zohydro works for you & how it compares or how it is different from the short acting hydrocodone, long does one dose last, how is the pain relief, etc. You are prescribed the short acting hydrocodone/apap now, yes? I hope it works so great to relief your pain!... (3 replies)
... My pain doc just prescribed Zohydro ER. It's a 20mg time released hydrocodone pill with no acetaminophen, similar to oxycontin I guess. I haven't had it filled yet but should have it next week. ... (3 replies)
... Hydrocodone Compound IR 15 mg (20 replies)
... Let me try one more time as simple as I can....Hopefully it will help. Oxycontin is long acting. It has a time release function to it that slowly releases the med over 8-12 hours. It contains nothing by Oxycodone. Percocets are also Oxycodone, but contain some Tylenol. There are a couple different strength combinations. They are short acting. No time release... (20 replies)
... OK, so oxycontin is LA and Percocet is SA, is that what she meant? And this line screwed me up-"roxicodone 15, 30 mg which is straight oxycodone hcl no tylenol (acetaminophen)"- Wouldn't "roxicodone" just be Percocet, endocet, etc.?? Or it's the same as Perc, but just a higher dosage? Or no, it'd have to be like oxy ir due to no tylenol, so it sounds like oxy ir at higher... (20 replies)
... Oxycontin contains only oxycodone hcl in a time release tablet that releases the drug over 8-12 hours with no tylenol (acetaminophen) in it, some people take it twice a day (every 12 hrs) most people find it only lasts about 8 hrs which would be 3 times a day like you. Now what the others were saying there are short acting versions that are to be taken every 4-6 hours which... (20 replies)
... not without at least one of the suffixe's i mentioned above? ... (20 replies)
... Hey Ann...The question was referring to Hydrocodone, not Oxycodone. You're correct on the Oxy, but Hydro doesn't come free of Tylenol unless you have it made at a compounding pharmacy. (20 replies)
... Roxicodone and OxyContin is the time released version. Yes it can be prescribed to patients without Tylenol or other ingredients in the USA...Husband has been on it for a few years. ... (20 replies)
... There is a new product undergoing clinical trials vicodin cr, an extended release combination of hydrocodone 15mg but yes it does have acetaminophen 500mg as well. ... (20 replies)
... I have been taking Vicodin for 5 years now. I was in 2 bad accidents in 1997. But the risks of liver damage from the acetaminophen are really scaring me. ... (3 replies)
... I the drug Zohydro. I fully believe that those of us that deal with chronic pain should have pain medications made available to us so we can hopefully find something that works well for us. But we also need to remember how careful we all need to be, too. I am a chronic pain person, too, & take oxycontin & oxydone daily for my pain. Hope everyone can find one... (3 replies)
... Hello Jiva...Welcome to HB. Yes, I've heard of Zohydro, but that it's extremely expensive for those who don't have prescription coverage through their health plan (like me). I'm having such a hard time just trying to navigate pain management costs with "old school" meds. I'll never be able to afford the Zohydro, though I know it will be a wonder drug for chronic pain... (3 replies)
... Even if those come up ok, you could still say you are concerned, and ask if there is something without the analgesic component that could be appropriate for you. ... (7 replies)
... Is the Zohydro the hydrocodone without acetaminophen? ... (7 replies)

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