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... "Opiate" refers to alkaloids extracted from poppy pods and their semi-synthetic counterparts, which bind to the opiate receptors. These including opium, codeine and morphine. Semisynthetic opiates/opioids are derived by altering chemicals contained in opium. Some semi-synthetics include hydrocodone, oxycodone, buprenorphine and diamorphine (heroin). Naloxone is also a... (14 replies)
... but narcotic pain meds are on whats called a morphine standard, everything compared to morphine in strength, codiene is on the bottom, then hydrocodone, then oxycodone, but I believe oxycodone is actually stronger than morphine. ... (2 replies)
... ke MSContin or OxyContin work is they start releasing half their dose at about 45 minutes and the second release is about 5 hours later. So 30 mgs of long acting morphine is equal to taking 15 mgs of short acting every 4 hours. 15 mgs of short acting roughly is equivelent to what you were taking with the hydro. ... (2 replies)

... Fentanyl is unique in some of the receptors it binds too and even switching from Febtanyl to morphine can cause differential withdrawal. You are still getting an oiate, but it doesn't bind to all the same receptors. ... (1 replies)
... various types of ir hydrocodone and oxycodone, ir morphine, ms contin, and embeda. ... (6 replies)
... What do you mean the 3rd dose of the morphine is too much medicine, but you say taking it twice a day is not controlling the pain? ... (2 replies)
... into withdrawal, and often their pain will flare. So, I'd expect to have frequent appointments when starting a long acting med. They may allow you to take some hydrocodone as needed during the transition. ... (14 replies)
Dilaudid vs Norco
Oct 20, 2010
... I also experienced the same thing myslef after being on Oxy and Morphine for many years. We did tried to put diluadid into my meds for better relief and it was just the opposite. ... (2 replies)
Opana vs Ms Contin
Mar 18, 2010
... In my experience the body metabolizes different opiates groups differently. Which one of the reasons my doctor will rotate me between Oxycodone and Morphine based pain killers when I build up a tolerance to one so that my tolerance will build with the other and drop with the one I was on then he switches me back. ... (12 replies)
... of opana...and as far as having no euphoric effect thats bs...they would make me feel much euphoria...opanas are 2x stronger than oxycontin and 9x stronger than morphine plus if you would eat a full meal with lots of fatty foods either directly before or after taking the opana it is 3x stronger than oxy..example... ... (12 replies)
... is its own drug well a combination of oxy and morphine and it is a medicaly proven fact that the strength of opana is 2x stronger than oxy and 9x stronger than ... (12 replies)
... hydrocodone there are slight differences, they are both fast acting while morphine and diluadid are long acting. ... (17 replies)
... i want to make a small correction to post above. vicodin is hydrocodone not hydromorphone. hydrocodone is fast acting and hydromorphone is long acting morphine. 4mg. of hydromorphone is hardly anything are you sure its not 40mg. ... (17 replies)
... Oxycodone is said to be somewhat longer acting that hydrocodone, morphine etc, 6 hours vs 4... though users may dispute this! ... (4 replies)
... etc. use morphine as the baseline. ... (7 replies)
... Codeine is notoriously harsh on the stomach and so is morphine and heroin, it's also notoriously sedating which does get better with time. ... (14 replies)
... directly for PM that issue from opium are codeine and morphine. The other major alkaloid is thebaine, but this is synthesized before use in PM. So, codeine and morphine are opiates. ... (14 replies)
... I've tried OxyContin, MS Contin, Duragesic patches, Methadone and short acting hydrocodone, oxycodone and morphine. My preference by far is Methadone. With this med I always felt stable, no highs or lows and it was so good I needed no breakthrough med. I would not return to a short acting med because with tolerance I just fear my dose would be escalating too... (5 replies)
... My question for anyone is how does the morphine sulfate ER break down and distribute itself out compared to the CR ? ... (2 replies)
Morphine Pump
Oct 12, 2006
... Like one member said it would probably be a mistake to jump from Hydrocodone to a pump. ... (17 replies)

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