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... I'm doing fine now,but i know there will be a time when my med.won't work as good as they did at first. I'm taking 60 mg of oxycotin TID i'm just bringing this up to be prepared.We all know tolerance is a big factor with any pain med. ... (2 replies)
... Roxicodone is the name brand 15 and 30 mg oxy tablets but generics hit the markeyt last fall. ... (9 replies)
Jan 8, 2006
... last longer. If your doc. doesn't agree with perscribing it TID by all means ask for breakthrough pain.Myself,i never heard of oxy being copounded. I was taking 60 mg tid,but they don't make 60mg,so i was taking a 40mg and a 20 mg. Let your doc. know that you were taking it before tid. ... (4 replies)

... Thanks for the thoughts on the BT meds Kat! I went by the pharmacy this evening to get some Tegaderms, and while I was there I asked a Tech I know to give me the prices of some LA and IR meds so I could compare and bring it with me to my PM to show him what is out of the park un-affordable and what is most economical. She added these all to my profile as if they were... (26 replies)
... They are still available but there are going to be even more shortages because of the FDA and their new ruling concering "unapproved" medications for certain narcotic drugs and certain dosages. If you do not know about this then see the thread on this site about it or go to and look up the article. However, I looked and the manufacturers that are on the Approved list... (1 replies)
... I was on oxycontin 20 mg. A months worth of tabs for me WITH insurance has been running me 312.00. Today I got 90 20 mg oxycodone IR caps for 39.00 with insurance. ... (4 replies)
... due frederick still has the patent on controlled release oxycodone, which is what oxycontin is which lasts 12 hours. However there are several generics for plain oxycodone and for oxycodone with tylenol, which name brand is called percocet. ... (6 replies)
... Hi group! Its been a while since i've been on here. I was taking oxycotin 60 mg. tid,along with 15 mg. oxycodone IR 2x a day as needed. I was on this dosage for quite sometime. She wanted to raise my base med to 80 mg. ... (1 replies)
... if you're taking apap on a regular basis, the maximum per day should be around 2,800 mg. You can take up to 4,000 mg if you do it on a once in awhile basis. ... (2 replies)
... I am on 180 mg per day, 60 mg TID, and have been at this dose for almost four years now, with no BT meds. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks for the replies. Shakorox, I also have 15 mg of oxycodone IR left over from a while back,I did feel the affects from going down from 80mg tid,to 60 mg tid,but its tolerable.I've done this in the past,I guess thats my way of trying to lower my tolerance. ... (5 replies)
... had the same thing happen that you did with the Oxycontin. My tolerance went through the roof. I was only on it for a little over a year, and I was taking 160 mg TID. ... (3 replies)
... have plenty left. the reason i asked about BT is mine is not working. i tried the oxycontin 80mg. but did not get the relief i get from oxy30IR, even though the IR is very temporary relief, and somethimes none at all. ... (9 replies)
... When I lost my script insurance I was taking 1400 dollars worth of Kadian a month. I switched to methadone for 60 bucks a month. meth is really the only option unless you willing to live on the street to take long acting meds. ... (23 replies)
... As far as what is available, If your in the US, They make Roxicodone in 5mg, 15 mg and 30 mg strength. They make a liquid version of oxycodone with 20mg per ml and 5mgs per ml, all these products are also available in generic. ... (13 replies)
Question on KADIAN
Jun 11, 2006
... lace the total daily Kadian dose with short acting morphine divided into 6 short acting doses. So 120 mgs of kadian a day woul be comparable to takeing 20 mgs of IR morphine every 4 hours. ... (4 replies)
Thanks Shoreline!
Dec 18, 2004
... but tend to be uncomfortable. So 120 mgs of oxycodone would be equal to 180 mgs of morphine, or if she's taking 160 mgs of oxy a day that would be 240 mgs of morphine. ... (2 replies)
... acting version, manufacturers will label the regular pill "IR" for immediate release to distinguish it from the controlled release, or long acting. For example, Oxycodone comes in an "IR" and then Oxycontin, which is extended release. ... (3 replies)
... I have been taking 15mg Oxycodone 4 times daily since the surgery. ... (2 replies)
... for generic oxycontin IR and MS Contin. ... (20 replies)

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