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... Hi Tara I have never taken Soma but I would love to try it and will ask my GP next time I am in the office. I take several types one is Zanaflex, flexeril, and robaxin and I also have slexen. I am a pharmacy of Muscle relaxers. I feel that flexeril works great BUT it makes me so sleepy and out of it. ... (10 replies)
... Amy just a note be careful of taking a lot of ibuprofen. I have TMJ too from an accident i was in I dislocated and sprained my jaw. It was very diffacult for me to eat. I only ate soups (through a straw!!) Oatmeals, malt O Meals etc. I was eating aleve's like nut's. Now from all that not eating or eating very little at the time (from being in pain) and being on pain med's I... (20 replies)
... touches the pain. I have tried PT, bite guards, trigger point injections, licoderm patches on my face, tramadol, vioxx, celebrex, nuerontin, zanaflex, flexeril, robaxin and skelaxin, 600mg ibuprofen, have endured 4 surgeries and still am in pain. ... (20 replies)

... touches the pain. I have tried PT, bite guards, trigger point injections, licoderm patches on my face, tramadol, vioxx, celebrex, nuerontin, zanaflex, flexeril, robaxin and skelaxin, 600mg ibuprofen, have endured 4 surgeries and still am in pain. ... (20 replies)
... and not so sharp. The biggest fight that i am having these past two days are spasms. I finally broke down today and paged my Pain dr to get me something. The robaxin isn't working at all and i am doubling up the dose. So the dr suggested that i go back to Zanaflex and try darvocet. ... (9 replies)
... Welcome! Sorry your prescription prices have increased so much; that is pretty ridiculous. I haven't taken that medication, but I believe its pretty unique. Most doctors wouldn't want to add a benzo to the mix with pain meds, but that might be a possibility, since your doctor is already prescribing Soma, which is quite similar on the risk scale. The muscle relaxer I take... (4 replies)
... This is what my new PM doc says, that "Most PM docs don't prescribe this anymore, as it has a high potential for abuse and there are other meds that work just as well." BS if you ask me. I've tried Flexeril - couldn't function, way too out of it, but worked well I've tried Robaxin - worked OK but not great I've tried Zanaflex - didn't do a damn thing I've tried... (10 replies)
... Docs still have meds they prefer to use and ones they avoid. Personally Flexerill became completely ineffective within 6 months of my intinial injury, After trying skelaxin, Zanaflex, Robaxin, Baclofin, I ended up on soma back in 2001 and still use the same dose. The thing docs don't like about Soma aside from the abuse potential is the street value. Soma metabolizes into an... (10 replies)
... bination is very painful. Hopefully your sciatic pain is going to be short lived and you will be better soon. Muscle relaxers can be very helpful I use zanaflex, flexeril or robaxin. I don't take them together but I rotate through them. ... (3 replies)
Feb 4, 2006
... I've been on most of the medications you have mentioned and did nor derive benefit. I have been sober going on twelve years. (24 replies)
Feb 4, 2006
... RONG, no doubt about that, but I did not read anywhere that he said he was trying to get high. I know for me, many muscle relaxers did not work at all. I tried zanaflex first and could take 12mgs at a time without feeling a thing. ... (24 replies)
... I asked my doctor about the Baclofen and the Zanaflex and he said he wouldn't give them to me because he only gives those for patients who have multiple sclerosis or seizures. Oh well. I'm back on Flexeril for now. ... (6 replies)
... So, many Drs. are moving to the other MRs. I usually rotate through Robaxin, Skelaxin and Flexeril every 3 years or so. ... (5 replies)
... s a great job at helping those spasms. opiate really doesn't work well for this particular type of pain. Other muscle relaxers are Baclofen, Zanaflex, Robaxin or Skelaxin. So this is another medication to try and see if it helps. ... (12 replies)
... You can consider trying the Flexeril and if that works for you, then no need to fill the Tizanidine. Or if Flexeril doesn't work you have the Tizanidine. ... (5 replies)
... There are also things like TENS units which can be helpful. PT, massage, and a good muscle relaxer. It can be necessary to try a few to see what works. Flexeril worked great for me and then ceased having an effect. Soma 350 is reasonable, I've tried Robaxin and Zanaflex. ... (1 replies)
... Muscle relaxants I have used over the years and results... didn't do that allergic Flexeril......helped more but not that allergic Soma.......the old stand by and my favorite when in bad is addictive and can be tough to come off of if you take it regularly for a while...but it works! Skelaxin......worked some but not... (16 replies)
... tively. For example, she tried me on Skelaxin, Flexeril, and Zanaflex, before moving on to Robaxin, which seemed to help the most without knocking me out as the Flexeril did. I was prescribed to take 2 pills 4x a day, and she says, "I don't want you taking these constantly, only as needed." OK. ... (36 replies)
... I suppose the 'strongest' depends on how your body reacts to it. Flexeril doesn't seem to work for me at all, zanaflex knocks me out, I literally blacked out the first time I took it. Soma seems to provide a happy medium for me. I am allergic to Skelaxin and it didnt work anyway. ... (5 replies)
... but its to sedating for me. I like Skelaxin too its good and doesn't make you drousy at all, its a newer medication and I think its expensive but not sure.. also Robaxin is another good one, very effective and non sedating. ... (5 replies)

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