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See drinking alcohol makes me feel wierd after a few drinks. Like I don't like the feeling of being "drunk" so that sends me into a panic attack. I can usually have one drink with out a problem. Yes Caffine is a big anxiety producer. I have to drink non caffinated drinks now because the regular drinks make me a complete mess.
For me I'm new to this panic disorder stuff. So I'm anxious about drinking right now. I can manage a beer or half a wine....and once I get the anxiety down I feel relaxed a bit. Some.

But Caffeine. MAN....I was eating lunch with a couple of friends the other day and I got a diet coke. And I totally forgot caffeine was in diet coke. I drank maybe a quarter of a medium cup and I got a panic attack.

Fortunately I've been getting much better at controlling it. All I really do is tell myself it isn't real and and force myself to stay calm and it will go away.

Of course I also quit drinking the diet coke. Duh.

For me alcohol isn't triggering any attacks yet, but I bet if I drank too much at once the overwhleming feeling you get when you get drunk that fast would do it.... But yeah I'm definitely staying away from caffeine.

And also those energy drinks. I'm afraid to breathe the fumes/smell those give off cos I'm sure that would be really bad.
Actually alcohol doesn't necessarily calm anxiety I don't think. I got drunk - just two months ago........ three years before, I had drank for three years! And I had a horrible panic attack. I feaked out so bad, I called 911. I convinced myself I had alcohol poisoning. I was so embarrassed later! Anxiety is all in your head..... So if you believe the alcohol is helping, it will to a point. But it won't in the end nesessarily.

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