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xanax and all other valium type meds are very good for anxeity and panic attacks
the drunk or zombie feeling comes from too large a dose, everyone needs a different dose and the starting dose should be smaller, split the tablet into pieces.sadly many docs dont know of the need for a smallewr starting dose

xanax is often used by drug addicts and people who cant get heroin so stress toi doc that you arent one of these, it may be better to ask doc for any benzo or valium type med and let him decide which, asking for xanax may make him more suspicious

a small dose of a benzo can be taken daily with more taken for severe anxiety or a panic attack, agree that some docs will insist on another paxil type med only, if so go elsewhere, older docs seem more likely to prescribe benzos

anxiety sufferers often have bad reactions to SSRI or antidepressant meds and have to stop taking them

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