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I was given .50mg of xanax to take 3 times a day. I would take only .25mg everyday and i would feel like I was drunk, or on drugs, my eyes would be bloodshot, and i would walk into walls! Finally, i took .25mg every other day and it really helped. To me, the xanax just blocks all of the horrible symptoms you would normally have while having a panic attack. I would be all nervous, and 20 min after i took the xanax i would be in heaven. It was like someone shut the anxiety switch off in my body. Talk to your doctor and see what he says about your reaction.
If xanax is working properly you shouldn't be having symptoms of "feeling drunk" and walking into walls. People should only be taking xanax when they are having a panic attack or realize they are about to, it's not a drug you should be taking daily on a routine basis, some doctors just do not know what they are doing.

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