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[QUOTE=kxkxkx;3240115]i get a feeling all the time that im going to wet myself in public, this happens at work when i'm at friends houses its embarrasing to keep making excuses to go to the toilet because im that scared of it happening but when i get to the toilet nothing. i have to wear loose fitting trouses as when i wear tight jeans it makes it worse i have to keep feeling the tops of my legs as i get hot sensations and im scared ive wet myself, this feeling is oftern 10 times worse in panicy situations although ive never wet myself i cant seem to get rid of this fear.

i feel too emarrassed to go see a DR so can anyone help?? please[/QUOTE]
This exact same thing happens to me!!! It just started recently but I already had issues in the past with bodily functions in public, and then now this has started. My legs get really hot sensations all the time and it feels as though I have wet myself and I always have to go to the bathroom and check. This continues on all through all my classes, Even though I know I haven't peed I convince myself it's happened somehow or that there might even be a wet stain on my pants from the heat and moisture. Eventually I just start panicking, usually it begins right when I sit down in class and I can talk myself down for a few minutes but then it usually happens.

this actually started one night after i was really drunk and had to pee so bad but i kept holding it in because i was at a concert, and eventually i couldn't tell if i had peed or not and when i got to a bathroom i had peed, but nothing major, just a tiny bit, but i was mortified. since then the fear only came when i was drinking but now has progressed to whenever i'm in public.

I have no idea where to go for help and from the board here it doesn't seem like doctors will aid much and i will have to see a psychologist. I am so happy I'm not the only one though, as horrible and terrifying as it is (especially when i start panicking over it in class) i'm happy i'm not alone.
I remember when this phobia started. I was at a New Years Day Party over five years ago. It was a very hot day and to top it off I was wearing thick pants. I was waiting in line in the ladies toilet when I looked down and saw fluid on the floor. I had a panic attack thinking that I had wet myself and quickly rushed into a vacant toilet. My pants felt wet and as I tried to pee I realised I couldn't.
I was so positive that I had wet my pants that I tipped a whole bottle of water over myself - it wasn't too out of the ordinary as it was a hot day and a lot of people were doing the same thing to cool down. I remember feeling embrassed the whole day and didn't even drink too much water afterwards, even though I could've fainted in the heat and my thick pants!

Since that day I have realised that it was a panic attack brought on by seeing the water at my feet (I was standing near the sink at the time.) and I've found that when I'm feeling very hot already and a panic attack comes on, sweat can run down my legs.

I'm only just starting to come to grips with this phobia and the attacks are coming less regulary but they still are affecting me. It is the biggest problem in my life. I has affected job interviews, travelling, courses, meetings at work, social events, all my life from that one experience over five years ago basically.
It still affects me now almost every day and I have my boss threatening to give me warnings at work for taking up too much 'personal time.'
I get the urge to pee alot and I usually pee once every 40 minutes to an hour at work. So that means I take up to 20 minutes personal time a day as a bathroom trip can take up to 4 minutes. That is twice as much as what we are allowed to take. I have recently had to tell my boss the embrassing truth and I have to show them a medical certificate for the phobia. My boss calls it my 'personal issues' so that makes me feel even more ridiculed.

I do pee every time I go to the toilet and sometimes after I have peed I feel like I need to pee again.

I'm mostly scared of wetting my pants at work. There have been times that I felt like I was going to wet my pants on the train, tram but it would be easier in front of strangers that I don't have to see everyday.

When I'm relaxed at home or with my boyfriend I can hold my bladder for up to 2 hours, sometimes longer - like a 'normal' person.

Truth is, I've never completely wet my pants. I used to wet the bed up until I was 11 so school camps and sleep-overs were a nightmare for me.

When I'm relaxed at home I occasionally sneeze so hard that I'll wet myself a a little bit and that adds fuel to the fire of this phobia. The strange thing about that problem is that I don't feel the need to pee beforehand. I'll just sneeze so hard that my whole body jolts and then I'll be rushing to the toilet because of the slight wetness.

The sensations of wetting myself are very real. I try to convince myself that it won't happen but I'll start to panic, get short of breath and get so hot and sweaty that I literally have to excuse myself and dash to the toilet.
I'm sad to say that it controls my life - I was given driving lessons as a birthday present a few years ago that I haven't taken because of this phobia, I don't go out drinking with work collegues because of this phobia, I haven't gone back to Uni like I've wanted to because of this phobia, the list goes on.
When I first met my boyfriend I would have to excuse myself and go to the toilet a lot but after 3 years I'm completely relaxed around him and it doesn't control my moods like it normally does when I'm alone in public.

I tried to bring it up with my counsellor who told me to do 'pee exercises' - when I'm peeing, stop, hold it and repeat. She also told me to imagine that the 'tap is turned off' when I have the panic attacks that go with the sensation.
I must admit the advice doesn't help when I'm in a situation where I know I cannot just go to the toilet whenever I feel the urge. I cannot concentrate when I have these attacks and I shift around in my seat, crossing my legs and trying to look normal as I put a hand between my mid thighs feeling for any trace of wetness.

If I'm in job interview or a meeting it is hard to hide this scenario and I'm sure people have noticed my discomfort.
Honestly, I am proud of myself when I can sit through a movie, or a meeting, or training without feeling like I'm going to wet myself in front of everyone but it shouldn't be like this. I used to be completely fine in exams and school and social situations over five years and I want to be confident and in control like that again!

I don't want this to affect my life forever and I'm so glad that other people who are going through the same problem have opened up about it! You really do feel like a freak and that you are the only one in the world going through this silly feeling!

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