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Head rush
Oct 14, 2003
... I was doing great and didn't have any anxiety for a couple weeks, but it looks like the cycle has started again. ... (9 replies)
... e time I feel dizzy. I feel like I am on a boat and the room is tipping sideways. My legs get weak and I feel I need to collapse. Once in a while I will get a head rush sensation or even a buzzing in the ear. ... (7 replies)
... I have anxiety attacks all the time. I get dizzy, but a type of dizzy where I litteraly feel like I am flying. ... (3 replies)

... gs and dizziness. Today i went to a store and started panicing and my vision got blurry and i felt dizzy like i was going to fall and all of a sudden my neck and head started to tingle funny. I eventually calmed down , But i was wondering if anyone else has expeirienced this? ... (6 replies)
Head rush
Oct 15, 2003
... It's so frusterating. Just when I think I'm finally starting to overcome this anxiety disorder, all of my symptoms come back in full swing. Last night I ended up going into a full blown panic attack. ... (9 replies)
... cularly potent batch of the stuff. I will just say that it was very unpleasant. When the drug started to take effect I did not like the feeling, it was as if a rush of energy starting at my brain would radiate through my body, but it fellt quite jarring and scary. I thought I would die. ... (12 replies)
What is this?
Sep 20, 2012
... Hi kayylove123! You must find out what triggers your anxiety of panic attacks. Something is. ... (1 replies)
Panic Disorder
Jan 15, 2012
... as rushed to the ER, where they gave me tests and told me it was just anxiety. About one month later, while trying to go to sleep, I felt a weird sensation in my head and instantly my heart rate sped up to around 140 BPM...we called 911 and were pretty much told the same thing. ... (9 replies)
... to not get overly discouraged. I know that many times I felt like I had my anxiety beat, only to face a couple really bad days that made me feel like I was back to square one. ... (4 replies)
I am desparate
May 8, 2007
... eeling weak and not well, it went on for a few days then I start getting this weird turning feeling in my stomach and its so hard to describe but it feels like a rush of burning from my tummy to my arms and whole body. It comes on fast and very intense and sometimes can last a while to the point that I think I am going to die. ... (1 replies)
... I had a panic attacky spell a few weeks ago. Ive never had any anxiety problems in the past and have no health issues. ... (1 replies)
... Hi there. Im looking for some advice. Ive been trying to work out if I have panic and anxiety issues, along with a thyroid problem ive been treated for. Im finding it difficult to work out what is causing what these days! ... (4 replies)
... loco4bap, I feel for you so much, I'm not fully 'cured' yet but I'm making good progress.The one thing I took from the method is that anxiety is just a bad habit. ... (4 replies)
Klonopin or ativan
Jul 21, 2004
... I called and chatted with my Doctor yesterday..........He most definitly says this is what I have.............NOW WHAT??? :confused: I have always had to take a benzo for my panic or I could not function............How do you taper??? People on here say start with a 1/10 decline but for how long? and how do you get 1/10 out of 3 .05 tabs??? Do you taper one pill at a time or... (30 replies)
Klonopin or ativan
Jul 19, 2004
... By now I'm sure I'd be menopausal if still on benzos. Hey, I know menopause is normal but why rush it? ... (30 replies)
... I guess I'm not the only one still up. Sickman, I just want to say that you are a breath of fresh air. No one could have stated it better than you. For me, since I stopped asking myself, "why did I get this", it has been easier for me to except. No one wants to except that they have a problem, but I can tell you this much............once you do, it's a whole lot easier. ... (12 replies)
... y. I myself feel that medication is the last resort but also the first resort when the problem is panic attack, not anxiety. I have said this over and over, that anxiety is stress related and panic attack is a disease. ... (12 replies)
... This is a very common anxiety disorder. I have had the "spacey" feeling myself many times before. It will pass eventually. Are you getting any therapy other than "10 minutes"? ... (3 replies)
... I have had panic disorder for the last 8 years, I am 30 years old. over the last 6 months my anxiety has flared up again and I feel spaced out almost all day long. ... (3 replies)
Tingling face
Nov 17, 2003
... Today, the tingling in my face and head is back again along with severe pressure. I also get a headache everytime I stand up from sitting with intense throbbing. ... (9 replies)

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