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... te it I fear that I will have to go right then and someone will be in my way. Please give me some insight. My life has been altered because of this. I get a sick nervous feeling in my stomach that makes me need to use the restroom. I cannot ride in cars with other people but can drive myself anywhere. ... (13 replies)
... I still get nervous but don't have to run to the bathroom when I do I try to control my nervousness as best as I can. ... (13 replies)
... athroom is just in case I feel sick. I know it's my nerves. Whenever I get anxious I have to use the bathroom and I mean now not 5 minutes later. It's a horrible feeling to get panic attacks over this. I had a foot operation several yrs. ... (13 replies)

... evening. I was getting a little nervous so about a month ago, I asked my doctor to put me back on Zoloft. Well, it has been 5 weeks and I am doing so bad. ... (6 replies)
... acks for 10 years..Take it from me..If you feel one coming on such as the hot flashes, hyperventilating, if you feel like you are going to throw up from being so nervous then by all means take a Pill. Xanax is good if your freaking out. Believe me I know..Been there.. ... (1 replies)
... I need some encouragement and some answers here. I have a feeling my body isn't just going to be like "oh hello Klonopin, come on in! ... (0 replies)
... speaking of nervous breakdowns i always had this feeling that i have had one in the past, and that isn't even the real me, it's the nervous breakdown me that took over my body. Could explain why i'm so out of my mind with all this anxiety , hypochondria and other related things. ... (4 replies)
... e is driving my husband is an excellent driver and yells at me for not being able to drive i panic and just sit in traffic sobbing i feel so overwhelmed i am now feeling like i will passout while in traffic and that terrifies me... i know i need help but im too afraid to drive to go to psychologist... i dont have money for cabs.. ... (4 replies)
... when i get nervous i feel like im going to throw up, and sometimes i do. Im really tired of feeling this way and i want it to stop. What can i do? ... (1 replies)
... I don't have any advice for you, but wanted you to know you aren't alone. I've been getting stomach pains when I'm nervous since I was about 6 years old (which was a LOOOONNNGGGGG time ago). I hate travelling over bridges and cannot drive over them. Even if my husband is driving, I have to close my eyes. But even KNOWING I have to go over one causes severe stomach... (8 replies)
... hi all, im 20years old male, im suffering from the same thing, it started when i was about 16 or 17 and has been getting worse, sometimes it goes better for example when i am in another country, i feel like throwing up everytime something is gonna happen, its really difficult to explain, but everything mentioned above is sililar to my problem, i went to doctors once about... (13 replies)
... What works for me is trying to "convince myslelf" that what happens during an attack won't kill me....sometimes it's harder to convince my nervous system than other times. ... (7 replies)
... I'm sort of nervous and excited both for my appt. tomorrow with acupuncture. I am hoping it relaxes me!!! I need something that will do the trick. ... (97 replies)
... Starting late last night, the breathing thing got a little better and it stayed a little better this morning, but I've been feeling really out of it, like weak and shakey and just not myself. Very tired, too. ... (97 replies)
... Alright, so i just finished my first semester of college and i have never realy told anyone of this! I was trying to trace back the first time this sick feeling has ever happened to me and it was when i was in church in 5th grade. I got a very weak feeling and felt like i was about to pass out. ... (6 replies)
... I am always taking mine because I think it is going to fast and I freak out because a dr took mine once and said it was high and I said yea because I am nervous and she said noway nervouse enough to make it that high you may have a heart condition and I said no I went to a heart dr and had a echocardiogram done and all was perfect and she said sometimes you can't catch things... (5 replies)
Zoloft questions
Oct 23, 2006
... Thanks for the responses. Friday, Oct. 20th was a week. I am feeling better now. I am still nervous feeling, and not feeling much help on anxiety. The whole last week has been a stressful mess at work, so that has not helped. ... (5 replies)
... it. I don't like it when my hands shake, which usually accompanies this, but as for the "washed out" feeling, I'm not sorry to say I get that. My parasympathetic nervous system doesn't usually do its job, so when it actually does for a change, I milk it for all it's worth... ... (1 replies)
... but it subsides quickly. I am now taking 20 mg and take it every morning before I jump in the shower. At first, when I upped the dose, I felt lightheaded and nervous feeling but that went away. I feel really good now and am so glad I started taking it. ... (11 replies)
... These episodes of fast heartbeat, feeling nervous, feeling sick, being sick, not eating, lightheaded, dizzy, thinking I am going crazy are happening quite a lot. Its horrible. ... (2 replies)

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