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... the fastest way to get anxiety relief from any valium type med is to disolve a tablet under the tongue, this bypasses the stomach and gives help sooner, dont swallow for a while see sublingually on the net klonapin wafers and niravam are 2 benzos specially designed for being disolved in the mouth for anxiety relief but all the others are helpful, niravam is fairly new... (5 replies)
... lingual is absorbed through the mucus membranes in the mouth which per square inch have many capillaries into the bloodstream, and voila! more quickly effective because you skipped the whole route of first pass metablolism in the gut. ... (16 replies)
... theres no need to be frightened of doctors, although some people are print out your post and take it to a GP doc for him to read, many people see docs with problems like yours so the doc wont be surprised he will check you out and probably get some tests done it does sound like panic attacks and also phobias, read up about panic disorder and agoraphobia on the net panic... (1 replies)

... Hi Justme, panic attacks are often inherited, they are unpleasant but cant hurt you so accept them when they happen, relax, dont tense up or fight back, and make sure to breathe deep and slow this breathing is very important for panicky people, it calms you, avoid rapid shallow panting there are many books with useful advice on how to recover from agoraphobia and panic... (4 replies)
... its not a bad idea, anxiety and panic attack sufferers can find it hard to find water to swallow benzo tablets in an emergency, however disolved under the tongue is fastest than going down into the stomach, I wonder exactly how the wafer is meant to work (2 replies)
... welcome read up about panic attacks on the net, lots of info about them there, although unpleasant, they wont do you any harm, ask about upping the lopressor dose , its a beta blocker type and also calms the body, reducing the effect of panic attacks on the body but not the mind IMO the xanax dose is much too small, about 2 mg is typical for a panic attack to greatly... (4 replies)
... everyone needs a different dose of these valium type meds, strong sedation or feeling drunk is a common side effect when starting, the dose should be reduced for a while, be very cautious if driving they all work fastest if disolved under the tongue, see sublingually on the net a largish dose of klonapin or any other valium type med taken this way will stop or greatly... (7 replies)
... welcome the paxil will calm you a lot when and if it starts working, it can take 6 weeks, xanax always helps and goes well with paxil your problems may be all from anxiety, look up fight or flight reponse on the net re the numbness, lightheadedness is often from anxiety, details of it on the net also a largish dose of xanax tablets disolved under the tongue will reduce or... (2 replies)
... to jih do tell the psych, this is important your med sometimes also controls panic attacks and sometimes not ask about upping the dose it doesnt matter why the panic attacksa re happening so dont waste time with psychotherapy looking for subconscious causes Instead get some self help books or tapes on overcoming panic disorder or agoraphobia and follow their advice try... (3 replies)
... welcome :) lexapro and paxil are both prozac type antidepressants all antidepressants can be a big help eventually for panic disorder and anxiety but sadly they usually do make our anxiety and panic attacks worse at first :eek: it helps to reduce the dose by halving the tablet or getting a pillcutter and cutting a tablet into quatrters, try taking the dose just before ... (7 replies)
... a serious problem for some panic attack sufferers is a loss of self confidence, causing them to want to stay at home and never go out any benzo, that is valium type med is very helpful, the sufferer can fortify themselves with an adequate dose before going out and take some more tablets with them in case more are unexpectedly needed, they work fastest if disolved under the... (3 replies)
Feb 5, 2006
... you are lucky to have fiund a sensible doc, stay with him and follow his advice your med is one of many valium type, these are safe and helpful so dont be too proud to use them take 1 at home to see how you react, strong sedation is possible if so reduce the dose for a while, you will soon adjust to it carry a few tablets with you when out, reassuring just to have them,... (1 replies)
... Hi Tchris the BP med if its a beta blocker will help with the physical problems, ativan or any other valium type med helps a lot, carry a few tablets with you when out and disolve 1 under the tongue if panicky again look up panic attack on the net, also fight or flight response the psych will probably want you to take an antidepressant med but do try to get some ativan also... (8 replies)
Panic Again
Nov 11, 2005
... CBt is the opposite of gritting your teeth, you learn new ways of relaxing, coping and accepting carry sunglasses and a hat with you for the lights many liks you always carry a few valium type tablets with them when out and disolve 1 under the tongue at the start of a panic attack, these help a lot being too proud or stubborn stops many from getting better (3 replies)
... to arizona the alprazolam and lorazepam are both valium type meds and will calm you and reduce or stop panic attacks if you get the dose right, this takes some experimenting with docs permission of course 1 or more tablets disolved under the tongue will usually stop any panic attack quickly panic attacks often cause heart attack like symptoms L lasts longer than A and... (4 replies)
... every day, IMO, gradually reduce the dose and eventually try taking a smaller dose and only on days when you need it, carry a few tablets when out and disolve 1 under the tongue if panic strikes, also be aware that many docs now refuse to prescribe xanax at all, what would you do if your doc retires or moves away? ... (2 replies)
... welcome ID82 lexapro and zoloft are prozac type meds that sometimes help a lot for anxiety and panic attacks, ask doc or a pharmacist about upping the dose, sometimes this is needed to get the med working klonapin or other valium type meds can help also but are best taken only as needed with a few tablets carried with you when out, if a panic attack starts, disolve 1 under... (12 replies)
... welcome the dew you need to report all your problems to a doc and ask him if they are from the panic or something else when you get a panic attack its important to try to relax and dont tense up or fight back, also breathe deep and slow and wait a while for the panic to pass panic attacks often happen after, rather than during a stressful event any valium type tablet... (4 replies)
Stomach Cramps
Jul 1, 2005
... do you need to use the toilet or just feel you might? ... (4 replies)
... to tshont your zoloft dose is low and could be upped a lot, this may well get it working, ask doc or a pharmacist for now, carry a few klonapin tablets with you and disolve 1 under the tongue for fast help if a panic attack happens remember to breathe deep and slow, to relax and work your way thru the panic, dont tense up or fight back (4 replies)

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