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... For years I have noticed that if I eat something close to bedtime, I will have rapid heartbeats. Alot of times I'll wake up and several times in fear that Im dying and very jumpy, relief only comes after I can finally have a bowel movement. ... (1 replies)
... I also take Xanax and it seems to work fine for me too. You could always try it and see how it goes. How are you going with Prozac? ... (18 replies)
... you can take .5 Klonopin twice daily and stay ahead of the game.. however if your doctor is fussy about her beliefs in addiction you might have trouble getting your needs met with her.. ... (2 replies)

... First is there a different between anxiety attack and panic attack? ... (2 replies)
Xanax, ibs??
Dec 5, 2003
... I have had lots of stomach problems for at least 20 years. They were bearable and I didn't need much medicine except like tums or rolaids until about 8 years ago. After my kids were born, I got worse. ... (6 replies)
Xanax, ibs??
Dec 5, 2003
... I did not mean that panic attack does not give you IBS symptoms, I just meant that it does not create IBS. ... (6 replies)
... in a way that no other drugs can. So, I think it is wrong to say that xanax shouldn't be taken everyday. ... (7 replies)
... so i told you guys about how i was going to the psyc due to my problems with IBS and the anxiety I've dealt with. ... (2 replies)
... good luck with getting some xanax, remember any other valium type med would be as useful, so perhaps just ask for any and let the doc decide which tofranil, as you may know is an antidepressant and these can reduce anxiety and panic attacks if taken at the antidepressant dose, generally 150 daily, its sometimes prescribed at smaller doses for other problems I would try... (1 replies)
... alright.. well, for the most part i have gotten over the actual panic attacks i've had... i still get panicky, but don't have the attacks, so thats a good thing and why i don't post on this board anymore... ... (1 replies)
... Do any of you ever have panic attacks that are so bad, it feels like anxiety is trembling through your body like electricity and you get scared to death and think you are going to die? ... (5 replies)
... might not be right for you. It is really a depression medication although they say it will work for panic attacks. I would say more like mild anxiety. 0.25mg of xanax is only a sleeping pill dosage and I have said this over and over and everyone wants to say take them as needed but that only works for some. ... (11 replies)
... I am going crazy, Yesterday I wasn't feeling good, Might have been ibs, Then of course my mind goes crazy and I panic and it makes it even worse. I woke up with panic attacks twice last night, Took some xanax and went to bed. ... (11 replies)
... You will find that the benzos help with reflux and IBS and any intestinal spasms as well and that is why ativan is helping you. I am sick to my stomach almost every time I wake up. After I take my xanax dosage it goes away. ... (3 replies)
... Hi! I, too, take .5 xanax a day. Only I split mine into quarters. I take .125 or half of a .25 4 times a day. I usually need . ... (18 replies)
Xanax, ibs??
Dec 4, 2003
... one of the things that you said.. you said panic can't cause ibs.. i know it can't cause it... but i do disagree and feel, if i get in an uncomfortable situation where i panic, it definitely can effect my ibs, and make me have an ibs episode... ... (6 replies)
Xanax, ibs??
Dec 4, 2003
... Your panic and anxiety causes your IBS to act up. Panic attack does not cause IBS. Do you have IBS or Bile reflux? ... (6 replies)
Xanax, ibs??
Dec 4, 2003
... ibs.... when i go to a psychiatrist.... i wanna tell them about this.. as my anxiety and panic comes a lot when my ibs acts up... or switched.. my panic and anxiety caused my ibs to act up..... ... (6 replies)
... ly from worrying. I take my temperature every morning when I wake up, but that is so I can figure out my monthly cycle since I had uterine ablation surgery done and don't tend to bleed much when I have a period. ... (5 replies)
... anxiety, I feel like an alien, especially in my college lecture halls where I seem to be the only one losing my mind because of panic while everyone else is calm and cool as a cucumber. Argh. ... (6 replies)

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