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Yesterday my oldest daughter called from school and said she was sick and wanted me to come pick her up. So I said sure honey I will be there as soon as I can. Picked her up and let the STBXW know that I had her. The W tells me I am NOT ALLOWED to do that and I have to bring her to her right away. My sick kid calls me to have me pick her up and I am NOT ALLOWED. Glad my lawyer is on the case and working hard to get a custody order in place. Her mom calls later and says she is coming by in one hour to pick her up. The D says she still isn't feeling well and wants to stay the night. The W says no. And says she needs to talk to her. The D says she doesn't feel like talking to her. The W gets more angry and says well she can't stay there unless I get to talk to her. I convince the D to talk to her mom. And while I have no idea what the W was saying, by what the D is saying, the first question her mom asks is not how are you doing, but why did you call your dad. After a minute the D hangs up. I say ok so whats going on, she says she is spending the night. The W calls right back and say, well you might as well get the other one too then. I am like cool I will be glad too. So got them both again :) For a night.
Talked to the STBXW last night for a minute. She said yes she wanted me to pick up the girls tonight and have them stay with me until the 29th. She called this morning to remind me of a program the oldest has tonight and to let me know the youngest was sick. I asked her if she was going to the program, she said yes, but she might not stay for it all. She called back later and said the youngest was still sick and wasn't going to school today. I said well if she's sick, maybe she should just stay with her tonight. She said that was not posible, because the BF was coming into town.... UHM whats more important, SICK KID or BF??

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