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... Behavior modification, restrict toys, activitys and PUNISH the child for his misbehavior. ... (1 replies)
... My son is 12, and he is peeing on the floor at night time. Not actually on the floor it self, but on the clothes that are on the floor in his room. He is afraid of the dark. ... (6 replies)
... My son is three going on four and has just started peeing and pooping on his bedroom floor for no reason. I have three kid's. My daughter just turned two and I have a four month old. ... (6 replies)

... occasionally still does it. Sadly, there is nothing you can do if it continues. The only support I've had is from doctors that tell you, do not punish when your child does this. ... (3 replies)
... My little one did this too. The doctor told me that many times when a child is stressed out, seeking attention or is anxious - they will do this. Is there any new stressors in your house? New baby? Other siblings? Perhaps spending special time with him everyday will help. It worked wonders for my son. Be patient and know that it will pass. I tried to back off on the urging him... (3 replies)
... She had him for all of 4 hours, and called hysterical, that their child had stood up, while watching a movie with his Mom, and urinated right on the carpet in front of her. ... (6 replies)
... My 3 1/2 year old just started doing something similar. He has started using the backyard like our dog. I found that once my 3rd child was born 2 months ago (my son is the oldest) he has started having accidents and doing more things to get a bit more attention. Is anything bothering your son? It could be the tiniest thing, like a change in routine. You may want to check... (17 replies)
... My 4 year old still not fully potty trained, but during the day she goes to the toilet with child seat and don't wear diaper. ... (9 replies)
... ged to make him do this it is just all of a sudden. he has cried and does know he is doing something he shouldnt but it hasnt stopped him. This being their first child they dont know what to do. i have suggested giving him the pull ups again but she said she doesnt want to do that in case it puts him back to square one. ... (1 replies)
... Sometimes if the child has constipation, the pressure on the bladder can cause a urine accident. ... (7 replies)
... LOUISIR, is you child still peeing on the floor at the night ? ... (17 replies)
... It is always a good idea to have your child checked out by a doctor to rule out any organic maladies that might be impacting this behavior. ... (17 replies)
... I'm so happy to hear that my child isn't that abnormal because she pees on the floor. ... (17 replies)
... me more time to think about what I am going to do next. So for me, spankings worked great and I didnt get them that often because I always remembered.. but every child is different I guess. ... (9 replies)
... well first i would like to repley on the closet thing , first i was told you never put the child in the corner for longer then ther age because kid forget if there five they get put in the corner or time out for five min and so on and so forth and put them in the closet it just crude and wrong i feel , as for the peeing my husband is 24 years old and he still rahter pee... (9 replies)
... I seem to be the only guy here.. This is definetly a spell, I went through the same thing as a child. My sister had play tea sets and you can guess what I used them for. Once she found out what I done she never touched them again. (9 replies)
... Well, I am glad to hear that it does happen and that nothing is *wrong* with him. DD was a dream - never an accident and no strange habits LOL! As for punishment, timeout is pretty effective but it is difficult to get him to stay put. I guess that's my next project - how to get him to DO a timeout. He is very strong willed, which will be great as an adult but it's sure... (9 replies)
... Hi I tend to agree with you beanie, locking in a cubhoard or closet is NOT a good idea at all. Yeah give a time out, ie in the corner or in their bedroom, but certainly not in a closet. That would just be terrifying to a young child :eek: To the original poster, my son also done this when he was a little boy, cant tell you why sorry, but he did quickly grow out of it after a... (9 replies)
... If so I couldn't even imagine!!! I think it would tramatize a child more then anything, but then again thats just my opinion and I'm sure I'm not alone on that!!!! ... (9 replies)
... If your child acts up, you simply put them in the closet for 15 mins. Everytime the child talks, you add on 5 mins. ... (9 replies)

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