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... Hello. I just found out that my 9 yr old daughter has been being molested by her paternal grandfather. We are now dealing with children case workes and consolers. ... (3 replies)
... Well i dont know where to start really. Its all very confusing. aprox 4 moths ago, my daughter told me she had been molested by her grandpa. I took all the steps to put him behind bars. or so I thought. ... (6 replies)
... Your grandfather is an incredibly sick man, I think that you understand that. ... (7 replies)

... we live aprox 12 miles from him. my daughter is 13 now. I go to talk to the detective friday. Yes I have been talking with other victims. If the detective doesnt tell me what I want to hear, im going to the state prosecuting attorney. If that doesnt work, Im going to the media. I wont stop until he is behind bars. I appreciate all the comments. This is very hard to handle. (6 replies)
... Please make sure that her grandfather doesn't have access to her. This is very serious and he shouldn't be able to get away with it. Can you talk openly to his other victims. ... (6 replies)
... Your grandfather should answer for what he did to you. He should also say if there are other people that he has victimized and I bet there are. ... (7 replies)
... I don't think it really helps to call your grandfather a monster, but of course what he did to you was a monstruous thing. ... (7 replies)
... Today i told my mother and thing went smoothly. I had a couple of ambien so during telling, i was sort up loopy which made it easier to tell. She is shocked and scared. Right i asked her to keep it between me and you and go back to home in a couple days as planned. For now, act as nothing happened and once we get back, talk to a therapist. So far i FEEEL really... (7 replies)
... I'm 18 now but this has been heavily effecting me. My grandfather is well looked upon. ... (7 replies)
... she is in counseling with a child physcoliogist and with a counsoler in school. i have reasured her that she has done nothing wrong and she knows that. she is the one who told dss that he was tuching her but she will say no more. (3 replies)
... i'm praying you have her in counselling! (3 replies)
... Hello, I am so sorry to hear of yet another child having to go through this horrific event. It isn't fair for them. My little boy was 5 when we found out, it was right before his 6th birthday. (He is still 6 now) It was very hard getting details out of him also and his mental disablities didn't help. So, I can empathize. All I can suggest is just to keep reassuring that it... (3 replies)
... *HUGS* I would think the police at least have to question him. It could be that once they question him, that he admits to the abuse, even thought there isn't any evidence. Police are often very good at manipulating people into spilling the beans. Did the police mention that they brought him down to the station and questioned him? (6 replies)
... statute in louisiana is 10 yrs after the age of 18 (6 replies)
... First of all, I am so sorry you and your daughter are going through this! How awful! I hope you and especially your daughter can be healed from the pain and trauma and not have any lasting effects. Can you get a restraining order on her grandpa? I don't know very much about the law but I would definitely get a lawyer and see what your options would be? BTW, what is the... (6 replies)
... your next step would be to get a lawyer and sue him for damages for suffering and distress in court, this depending on whether the statute has ran or not. kat (6 replies)
... It's great that you were able to tell someone and I'm pleased to hear your mom accepted what you had to say. You also said he was a Dr... which makes me wonder if he's doing anything inappropriate with his patients. (7 replies)
... Get the nasty 'ol molestor ' Shame HIM to Jail and Death-he deserves nothing less ' Be Brave young man and share w/close family . YOU did nothing Wrong. Get back to councelling and self help books . You read as a sweet young man and though it may take time you will recover . Kt (7 replies)
... My heart too is sad. Nobody deserves this. Lot's of things went thru my mind as I read your post. I can relate to the uninvited thoughts when you're intimate (that's PTSD). I'm not sure they ever go away but I hear they can be managed. I experienced a similar situation (not family) and repressed it. That persons name triggered me, 7 years later, and I froze as... (7 replies)
... I agree with what Marcia wrote. Your partner's reaction to what his father said, doesn't seem right. I even asked my husband about it, and my husband said that if his father, or anyone else ever said something like that to me, or our children, he would NEVER allow them near us, etc. It's just sick and wrong for an old man to say something like that to a child. My step sister... (19 replies)

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