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... Just for the record, the "spare the rod, spoil the child" verse does not condone physical punishment. This is so misunderstood. This verse refers to the shepherds who would tend their sheep with a rod. They used the rod to guide their sheep, not hit them with it if they strayed out of line! I'm all for discipline and teaching children the right way to behave. I just wish... (119 replies)
... years old a child does understand that he or she will be in trouble when they do something wrong. ... (119 replies)
... My DS is 2 and very stubborn. He's taken to laughing at me when I spank him through the diaper, so yes, I spank his bare bum. I have a 3 lick maximum on the diaper, 2 licks on the bare bum. ... (119 replies)

... Kathy, You better believe that i spank the bare bum!!!!! I am very much old school when it comes to diciplining my children! ... (119 replies)
... yes it is our job to teach them wrong from right and no i never suggested letting them get away with whatever they want. i have worked with many children in my time and can agree that some punishments do not work for some children but there is always another way other than hitting. let me ask one question. If your kitten was doing something wrong or you were looking after an... (119 replies)
... t get how server something is until we spank his but. ... (119 replies)
... capable of making major decisions for themselfs and therefore need adult guidence. but i think that only makes my point stronger. what kind of example is it to a child to say if you make a mistake i am going to hit you. as i stated before in my opinion hitting is hitting no matter where it is done on the body. ... (119 replies)
... Our butts are not nearly as sensitive as other parts of our bodies. Then theres the fact that many parents choose to spank over the clothing, which provides a little cushion. ... (119 replies)
... hitting is hitting and i could never see a situation where hitting a child that can not defend themselves is ok. ... (119 replies)
... Every child is different, and responds to different forms of disipline. My mother ran a small child care for a few years when i was young. ... (119 replies)
... Sadly yesterday we had to spank all 3 of our kids due to theft from my wifes purse which was found in the twins bedroom,the twins blamed each other and the youngest,the youngest said it wasnt him and blamed the twins saying it was in there bedroom we decided to ground them all for 1 week but told them if the one who took it owned up we would listen to the reason why before... (119 replies)
... I too was spanked as a child it would of worked great IMHO had I not been verbally abused. ... (119 replies)
... licies. Development workers and child care proffessionals come into the groups and offer advice and give information on training sessions about a wide variety of child centered topics, including child behaviour and management. ... (119 replies)
... I am in shock at how the majority of the people on here who still use hitting as a punishment! I am the mother of 2 girls, I hit my eldest daughter at the age of 2 1/2 for doing wrong (I was hit as a child), never again, I hated hurting her. I went out and looked for information on different parenting tecniques and controls. My eldest was a handful, very challenging and... (119 replies)
... I have always thought that the phrase "spare the rod and spoil the child" was an instruction! That you should spare the rod (no spanking) and spoil your child (with kindness). Guess I was wrong. That being said, I managed to raise two children without ever once hitting either of them. My mother-in-law (who didn't like me from the get-go) actually said to a mutual... (119 replies)
... oing to venture out and say you fairly are pretty judgementel it is obvious.I myself have seen MANY MANY "decent looking" or even very high class looking parents spank their children. ... (119 replies)
... I was spanked as a child and I WILL spank when it comes to my children. I thank my parents for raising me the way they did. ... (119 replies)
... Wonderful for you to have an oppinion, but, you could have chosen your words a little more respectful. Would you feel very happy had someone told you that your parenting skills were "DISGUSTING. Its not for everyone, its not for every child, its even not for every situation with the same child....Just like every method of parenting out there, they are ALL circumstantial. So,... (119 replies)
... Hey everyone:) I think this thread is getting a lil out of hand.....people dicipline their children the way they feel right to....and i am sure no one here is gonna deliberatly hurt thier child...its ok to offer help...and i am in the wrong 2 cause i am against spanking..thats my choice..and i used my wording in the wrong manner in a previous post on this thread..and to... (119 replies)
... sh dinner, they get it for breakfast...that doesn't sound horrible to me and it doesn't sound like she is "starving" them. I am sorry you were "traumatized" as a child with food...but that doesn't mean that what we are talking about has anything to do with your situation.We are not trying to hurt our kids. ... (119 replies)

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