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Re: May mommies
Oct 25, 2004
Ok, so I've got a really naive question. When you talk about how many weeks are you talking about weeks from conception or age of fetus? I'm so confused!!! It has been almost 9 years between these pregnancies and when I talk to different people that are also pregnant they confuse me! Regardless I am 12w4d (age of fetus 10w4d) which should I use?!?!?!

I have my next md appt. tomorrow. Please pray everything goes alright. I am hoping for a good heartbeat. I have had some mild cramping (not AF type or even m/c type)...just an icky pressure feeling. The nurses at my work say it probably just has to do with my uterus finally growing outside of my pelvis. Tomorrow if all goes well they will be scheduling an u/s for the end of the week to check on the sac of blood next to the gestational sac. If it doesn't go well they will do an immediate one. I haven't started spotting or anything like they expected by this time so if the u/s shows it is still there I have to wears protective undergarment until I bleed (sorry tmi) makes me nervouse though just sitting around waiting for it to happen, then knowing I have to get to the hospital within 10 minutes... Luckily we live close to base and can get there in time.

Well, I have gotten my appetite back, at least for this week. I just have to be in the mood for the food... tonight I was only in the mood for ice cream.

I have also been peeing like crazy. I found that I have to resist my fluids (regardless how thirsty I am) after 7pm. This way I only wake up 2 times a night with what seems like a full bladder, only to go a drop.... I will second on the bladder the size of a grape!

Does anyone NOT feel pregnant anymore? I felt really pregnant when I was bloated, hugging the toilet and sleeping the time 20 out of 24 hours. I quickly grew out of 2 pairs of pants and now I can fit back into one of them...what is going on?

I should really go to bed...I'm starting to get hungry and all it will give me is heartburn...

Take care everyone and welcome to all that are new mommies!!


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