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Re: October moms
Jul 5, 2005
[B]MissT[/B]- I read that women often get a runny nose while pregnant because of an increased level of estrogen. What I read said it can start as early as the 3rd month and last through your entire pregnancy. Just a heads up, in case the allergy meds don't may be hormonal. :wave:

Hi ladies :)
Everything seems to be going good. I'm not due until Oct 26th so I'm only 24 weeks! [B]Did you notice a big difference in the movements [/B] between 24 and 27 weeks? I'm so excited to "see" the kicks! :bouncing: I have an appt. with my Midwife on Thursday to check everything. Had a scare last week with some really painful cramping...but everything seems to be going well now!

My [B]strech-marks[/B] have started on my "love-handles" anyone have there strech marks start here? I imagained that they would be on my belly more...but so far they only seem to be on my love handles. Urrr, I told my boyfriend "I would prefer my strech marks on my love handles, because when they are all over your tummy even when your in good shape they can be noticible" Then he says [I]in agreement [/I] "Yeah, I know I have been with women who have had kids" OH MY GOD :nono: I just kind of huffed. Even if he does think that it's not made me feel worse about my strech-mark prone skin :mad:

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