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... I am 39 weeks (40 tomorrow). At my appointment today, I am 3 cm dilated and 90% effaced. I am scheduled for induction on Thursday (March 5th). Has anyone gone in to labor with these numbers? (7 replies)
... I went to the doc on Friday and he said I was dialated to 1cm and was 90% effaced. I also passed my mucus plug yesterday. I am not due until Jan 6 (three weeks).... but being 90% effaced made me think it'll be sooner than later. Does anyone know if that means on well on my way to beginning labor? Thanks! Lorrie (6 replies)
... I was almost 100% effaced and 1 cm for a week, had my memranes swept, lost my mucus plug, went another week, 2cm dilated membranes swept again and then had to be induced a week later. I never dilated passed 4cm so I ended up having a C-section anyway. So while it could mean labor is not far off for you, I was almost completely effaced for approximately 3 weeks (I am pretty... (6 replies)

... Effacement takes longer than dilating in most cases. I know that once I was fully effaced (I was 2 months early though), I had the baby within a week and that was with 4 cm dilated. They were also trying to stop my labor. So I would say 2 weeks to go tops, probably sooner. Amy (6 replies)
... Its good your starting to move things along down there. Sad part about my story is that it can be awhile yet, Though it probably wont. With my daughter I was 90% effaced and dialated to three for four weeks. Now with this one im 40% and dialated to two. Im not due until april 16th. Just keep walking and putting pressure on that cervix and it will open up even more. meg (3 replies)
... Just so you know I was 90% effaced and dialated to 3 about 6 weeks before I delivered. I ended going two weeks late, this was 11 years ago they probably would have induced me or something if it was now. Alot has happened in 11 years. meg (4 replies)
... I dont mean to dash your hopes but when I was pregnant with my daughter I was dialated to 3 and 90% effaced three weeks before I actually went into labor. My doctor had given me the pack your bad anyday now speak. I was depressed for three weeks, he finally decided to induce me and I went into labor on my own at 2am 4 hours before I was due at the hospital to get induced.... (6 replies)
Sister Pregnant
Nov 5, 2010
... Honestly....have sex, walk, or walk some stairs!! It worked for me!! (1 replies)
Sister Pregnant
Nov 4, 2010
... My sister is 39 weeks pregnant and 90% effaced and at least 1 cm dilated maybe more by now, but 3 days ago she got her membranes stripped and i was wondering how long it should take before she goes into labor? and what can we do to help start labor? (1 replies)
... how long til labour 90% effaced 2cm and menstrual cramps (0 replies)
... Congrats. Our boys are a couple of weeks apart. My little guy was born on Feb 21st. (7 replies)
... Awww..congrats! (7 replies)
... Well, he is the most important part of the labor. :) He was 8lbs 3 oz and 20 inches long with an almost full head of brown hair. (7 replies)
... I have 10 more days until my due date and I'm STILL at 2cm and 85-90% effaced. The good news is that my cervix is now anterior (it was posterior at my 37 week appt.) I've been having a lot of BH contractions and sharp pains in my vagina. I was originally going to be induced 2 days ago, but I expressed my apprehension to my dr and he and I agreed that waiting another week... (28 replies)
... Today is my due date! My belly just gets really tight and hard and the nurse told me they are just "practice contractions" since I can talk through them. I saw the dr yesterday and I haven't changed since my last visit. I'm still dilated at 2 and 80-90% effaced. He stripped my membranes and I have had a lot of cramping, but nothing consistant. I walked over a mile today... (28 replies)
... You forgot to tell us about the baby! (7 replies)
... Thanks for remembering me. The labor was much easier and faster. I was 4 cm and having spontaneous contractions when I went in to be induced. They broke my water and started the meds at 8:30 AM. The pain came hard and fast. Contractions were coming about every two minutes and lasting a minute and sometimes more. I got an epidural between 10:00 and 10:30 and all was good.... (7 replies)
... Blue eyed girl, I remember you had a post about your 2nd delivery concerns, how did your delivery go? (7 replies)
... Thats great! You should wait to go into labor naturally... My sister was at 3 I believe and she went into labor that night. Best idea is to get to shagging and walking and may your labor begin! (7 replies)
... Hey little man has FINALLY arrived after 14 1/2 hours of labor!!! I went in on Friday morning for my scheduled induction at 8:30am. Of course, things were delayed and the induction didn't actually start until 11am. They couldn't locate a pump for the pitocin. They checked my cervix right away and got me all hooked up so we could hear babys heartbeat and... (9 replies)

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