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... I remember having the Braxton Hicks contractions with my first son too, but not this early and not that frequent. Any of you experiencing this? ... (9 replies)
... I had contractions with my first pregnancy that started early like yours did. ... (5 replies)
... I have been having them really bad lately. This is my 3rd and I have heard with each pregnancy they are more frequent and hurt a little more. Mine are pretty uncomfortable and I am only 27 weeks. I am going to bring it up at my doc appt next week. ... (5 replies)

... thanks, i probably wont call unless these contractions get stronger (5 replies)
... in an hour.... not counting the other ones i got throughout the day. i know she said to call them but i dont want to become obsessed with this and these contractions arent strong and dont have me curled up, just pretty uncomfortable. i've been drinking water and am gonna go to sleep and relax. ... (5 replies)
Braxton Hicks?
Feb 19, 2008
... Yes, braxton hicks feel like a tightening up of your uterus and your stomach feels like a rock, i'm 37weeks also but i've been getting them since i was 15 weeks along. ... (1 replies)
... yes, i started braxton hicks when i was around 15 weeks pregnant! my stomach would get hard and then relax. ... (2 replies)
... Kirsten, Don't hesitate to call your MW. Most of them are great about that kind of stuff and if nothing else, are happy to check you out to calm fears. I hope you are ok. -Jen (5 replies)
... I've been wondering the same thing and was just about to post about this. Some hours I will get 4 or 5, other times I won't get any. I meant to ask my doctor today, and of course I forgot. I'll be going back next week so I will ask then. I have no pain associated with mine, my uterus just gets tight and hard. (5 replies)
... I was wondering if anyone notices having more frequent Braxton Hicks contractions at night? ... (1 replies)
... I think I'm having probably 2 every couple of hours, especially when I'm walking or exerting any kind of energy. I don't remember them being this frequent with DD. Maybe it's because this baby is sitting so much lower than DD. Not sure if I should worry or not. I still have a week until my next OB appt. ... (754 replies)
... Hi Cubed! Sorry to hear about your bleeding. I had sort of a similar experience. I had a bleed at almost 26 weeks. I hadn't had sex though or anything just prior to the bleed (haven't since gotten pregnant, that's a whole other story). All I was doing was going to the bathroom. Anyway, I called my doc office, a doc called me back and because I felt okay, he said if the... (5 replies)
... Hi mj, I would definately bring this to your dr's attenion, let him/her know how often it happens as well. I am 28 weeks today with my first & my contractions started around 17 weeks as well (although I didn't know yhat is what they were). at 22 weeks I went to the Dr & it happened during an exam, he felt my cervix & said it felt firm & closed, but a little short.. I was told... (7 replies)
Braxton Hicks
Oct 15, 2005
... Im 24 weeks and I get them all the time. I was told by my doctor as long as they do not become regular contractions you are fine. If they do well obvisously you are going to the hospital or a doctor. ... (2 replies)
Braxton Hicks?
May 17, 2004
... t Braxton Hicks and preterm labor is that Braxton Hicks are irregular, they don't increase in duration, or get more frequent. Luckily, my "contractions" are not regular at all, nor do they last very long. ... (4 replies)
... Hello! It sounds like it maybe the baby squishing your insides because with contractions your stomache will tighten and it will feel like menestral cramps bad ones. ... (1 replies)
... nd hurts so bad. other times, my whole stomach doesn't tighten and it still hurts. is this the baby moving and mashing on my body parts causing pain or is this braxton hicks? ... (1 replies)
Sep 21, 2002
... according to the medical dictionary braxton hicks contractions can occur anytime after the 1st trimester. ... (5 replies)
... sure if I'm also having some braxton hicks contractions, but sometimes I also feel my belly very tight for about 2 minutes and then it goes away, but I read that braxton hicks are normal at this point and they are ok as long as they're not frequent and painful. ... (75 replies)
Baby Position
Nov 29, 2007
... this because my 2 dd's were breech the whole time and were always really high the whole pregnancy. Anyone else experience this with so long left to go. Also my braxton hicks contractions are more frequent and hurt pretty bad. ... (0 replies)

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