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... Okay I have to restate the asprin thing. Alot of the colits drugs have asprin like drugs in them, derivates of the drugs in asprin, salyic acids, and stuff like that, they are in the same family, so if you are allergic to one, you are probably allergic to the other. Sort of like if you are allergic to a cat, you would be allergic to a tiger. They can also cause some of the... (24 replies)
... Catteios, You mentioned something about thyroid problems in your last post(referrring to Imuran and coming off of it). I wouldnt have thought twice about it until I read that. A couple monthes ago my family doctor tested my thyroid because I was having such severe fatigue(more than normal,and more than normal in pregnancy). My t4 count was pretty low,but he didnt want to put... (24 replies)
... e past it has also included hospital stays and major abdominal surgery. Additional benefits for pregnant women are free prescriptions and dental care during the pregnancy and for a year afterwards. ... (24 replies)

... Hi, I was taking Imuran for close to two years before I went off of it to become pregnant. It actually takes 6 monthes to get out of your system(about the same it takes for it to start working when your first put on). It is a class D drug,but mostly because there are no woman willing to put their babies into a study for this with many other drugs. So,it is unknown... (24 replies)
... blems experince flareups after birth. So, it may be best for you to stay on it. Especially since you would have to be off it for those last couple of months in pregnancy and you could have a flareup then. ... (24 replies)
... I understand that it may be safe to take in pregnancy but there are risks in breast feeding. ... (24 replies)
... if the man is on imuran it can affect the baby, you will have to check with the dr to see what it can do. I don't think that the prednisone would hurt the baby, regardless of who was takign it, i have heard that steroids are sometimes given to women to "beef up" the babies, if they aren't growing on schedule. Good luck! The hepatis is not a live vaccine, btw, if anyone else... (24 replies)
... I feel better after reading your posts. I am well aleast all signs are that I am pregnant and I have some questions about meds. My husband is on Immuran and cyclosporan and prednizone (sp?) and septra also lotensin. These are antirejection meds. He is a heart tx patient 2 years post. He is in great health and I do not take any medications. But I am still very nervous... (24 replies)
... I realised when I went home the other day that I hadn't answered this question. It's that sickly, sweet, creamy smell (it's making me gag thinking about it!) that you get around babies - I'm not sure if that's formula, breast milk or just baby puke as I've not been around many babies. I read somewhere that it doesn't smell so bad when it's breast milk, which is one of my... (24 replies)
... I don't actually take asprin itself, but alot of colitis drugs are asprin based. I think you have chrons too, though, right and it is based higher up in the stomach, right?? And that is where hte asprin affects. the whole reason they started me on the imuran is because all the other drugs are asprin based. The first vaccine they give at the hospital, the hepatis shot,... (24 replies)
... Cattieos, A little off subject. But make sure your insurance covers baby shots before getting them done at the doctors office. I made that mistake with my daughter and was stuck with a HUGE bill that my insurance refused to pay(we have crappy insurance though). They told me that it was my responibilty to check into alternatives in getting baby shots(like going to the health... (24 replies)
... The first thing they put me on was Imuran, at that time it was thought I was allergic to aspirin, and even though I begged my dr to put me in the hospital and let me try something else, he wouldn't. However, we later learned that Pepto Bismol is full of asprin, and I used to drink it like water, and it didnt' bother me, so while I was in the hospital the last time, my new dr... (24 replies)
... Rebbie, Me too with the weight issue. I lost a ton of weight when I get sick. But,steriods always helps out with that...ugghhh. I never took remicade,I am pretty sure my insurance would only cover it if I had CD,not UC. But,it is more commonly used now with UC too which helps alot of people. (24 replies)
... I must remember about the baby's possible suppressed immune system when s/he is born. It's an interesting point. I didn't know you were not supposed to be around people who had had live vaccines. My husband had a hepatitis jab a year or so ago, but I don't remember if I was ill when he had it. With regard to the effectiveness of Imuran, did either of you get... (24 replies)
... Well I can't find that info, but I did find something else. If you are on imuran you should not be around people who have recieved live vaccines. So, when ya'lls babies are born, and they give them their vaccines, it can make you sick. Apparntly the oral polio one is the worst. I am not immune to rubella anymore, and I don't know what I am going to do, because rubella is a... (24 replies)
... EmilysMama-I don't think that the immuran helps me much either, I always had mini flare ups when I was just on it. When I started taking the asacol though, i was much better. I was going to try to get off of the immuran, but the baby came along as a very welcome suprise! And the drs thought it worse to chance it, especially since it would take so long to get out of my... (24 replies)
... Rebbie, I say whatever works,go for it!!! I think anything that gets you into remission is worth taking,and I am really glad it helps you. The Imuran got me into remission,but 6 monthes for me to acheive that...and I was already scheduled for the j-pouch surgery because I was giving up. It kept me in remission for two monthes and then I got sick again for another 5 monthes. I... (24 replies)
... It doesn't sound like Imuran is working very well for you, Emily's Mama. I was told that Imuran actually suppresses an overactive immune system, which is why it is also used on transplant patients to stop them from rejecting organs. This may be why your resistance to other infections is low. Sorry to sound as if it's all me, me, me, but it really helped me. I had gone... (24 replies)
... I know that the regular blood tests I am having check for effects on the liver and kidneys and they always seem pretty interested in my white blood cell count. There is no-one that I know of that I can ask for a second opinion, but I will definitely ask my consultant to justify his reasoning on the 8 week period he has suggested on my next visit. In case you're... (24 replies)
... I can't remeber the name of the test but they send it to Promethus Labs in CA here. It may not be available in England. It is a pretty important test to take though, cause some people don't metabolize Immuran correctly and it can cause some serious problems, even though you dont' really show any symptoms. Also you should be sure that your GI dr is checkign your liver... (24 replies)

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