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... With the challenging way my case started out back in 1999, I'm kind of amazed that my PSA after radiation has been so low. ... (1 replies)
... Congratulations Jim, I am very glaad about your good news. Since I found this board in 2011 you have been allways an inspiration, specially each time that my father has to go to check his PSA. Big hugs and keep this way.;););););); (1 replies)
... risk case, a course of hormonal blockade is often advisable to support the radiation, and that should knock the PSA back down after the scan. ... (1 replies)

... My urologist wanted me to do this oncotypeDX test. But after researching it, I decided against it. He called me and asked why? ... (1 replies)
... Dear All, My brother removed his prostate via surgery in 2013. It was a positive margin, but none found in lymph nodes. His PSA is now at 0.15 and he wants to radiate. Problem is the doctors differ on dosage. One says 65gy (Dr. Sandler at Cedars) and one says 72GY (Dr. Chris King at UCLA). Does anyone know if there is data to back up higher dosage? Also, anyone know... (1 replies)
... tes. I was staged at T3, so the capsule was penetrated, and there was suspicion of SV involvement. I'm doing very well now, with pretty good evidence of a cure after radiation in 2013. ... (1 replies)
... mL," the lower limit of the test, since stopping supportive after 18 months in April of 2014. I am now taking only Avodart, one pill three days a week, as a safety net against recurrence. ... (8 replies)
... Personally, I believe you might be better off under the guidance of a medical oncologist with substantial experience in prostate cancer rather than a urologist. After all, the bag of tricks for a medical oncologist is full of drugs, while the bag for a urologist is primarily surgery. ... (2 replies)
Cancer risk?
Oct 7, 2015
... You may already know that prostatitis can make the PSA jump around. It could easily explain a PSA of 16. Of course, it could be cancer. A new tool is often being used prior to a biopsy these days, and it sometimes indicates a biopsy is not needed. It is known as a multiparametric MRI scan. Basically that means they measure three of four things, sometimes five things,... (1 replies)
... It's certainly worth checking whether the level is still 0.05. After radiation in 2013 after years of IADT3, my PSA went up to 0.02, but for many months now has been less than 0.02. It's possible your PSA is hovering right around 0. ... (2 replies)
... I thought my own cancer was metastatic, so I'm familiar with the options to smoke out what's up. It's quite possible your husband has what is called "oligometastatic" (meaning few mets) prostate cancer. In simple terms, that amounts to around 5 or fewer bone mets, and soft tissue mets that are not too widely spread. With more than 5 bone mets, the cancer tends to be more... (2 replies)
... I'm very envious of your numbers! It's too bad the doctor did not give you and your wife more confidence about active surveillance. We survivors now have enough information to know that well-done active surveillance is highly effective. It gives the patient extra time before treatment is needed, if it is ever needed. A large proportion of patients on AS never need... (1 replies)
Psa 111
Oct 4, 2015
... ls which offer it. There are some other hospitals which offer it, but which are not listed in the book, probably because those hospitals acquired the technology after the book was written. ... (9 replies)
Psa 111
Oct 4, 2015
... ml so he said he must have a Prostate cancer and this will be confirmed after a Prostate Biopsy and bones scan. ... (9 replies)
... ies and it gives the probability of recurrence after RP. ... (2 replies)
Cancer risk?
Sep 7, 2015
... for a biopsy now. Scared and frustrated because this same urologist I came to with urinary and erectile difficulty issues over a year ago, weak stream, dribbling after and couldn't maintain erections. He did a DRE but no psa at the time, gave me Cialis and sent me on my way. Because of my younger age I'm guessing. ... (1 replies)
... After my surgery (robotic laparoscopic), the catheter was in for 2 weeks. There were decreasing amounts of blood in the bag for 4 days then all was fine until day 10. Then, a long red thread-like thing appeared in the bag. When I emptied the bag into the toilet and flushed it, the red color (blood) disappeared and the thing turned out to be a black stitch about 6 inches... (2 replies)
... My husband had his prostate removed laparoscopically for prostate cancer. The surgery went well. He had a catheter for a week. It was removed and all seemed well. Good control, no leakage. None of the things he feared. But then urine flow slowed then stopped, and we had to go to the ER to have a catheter re-inserted, 16 hours after removal (OF COURSE this could not happen... (2 replies)
... Update: Rising PSA after initial PCa treatment in 2007 My PSA as of March 2014 is 0.26. So, the results are unchanged for the past six months. My PSA doubling time is 14.85 months. Since december 2013, I have been taking metformin, pomegranate extract and full Spectrum Pomi-T whole food supplement (broccoli, turmeric, pomegranate and green tea) daily to arrest the growth of... (4 replies)
... Hi baiiey, last august I did 33 days of egrt, had some rectal bleeding abuot four weeks in to it,plus diarrhea four a couple weeks but nothing to serious. So far I m not experinanceing other side effects. Hoping everything works out. (1 replies)

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