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... hat. I don't know what to make of your negative biopsy, negative DRE, but rising PSA. I am going for HIFU treatment soon for my prostate cancer, here in the USA, after the FDA finally approved it last year. I hope you get answers soon and good luck. ... (1 replies)
... reading of 4.3, it might have been lower not higher than the original 7.5 although the blood was taken only 4 and a half weeks after the TRUS biopsy so this may have a bearing...I should also add that my prostate has been measured on Ultrasound at 56cc or 70cc including seminal vesicles...... ... (1 replies)
... just published that gives further support to the idea that early salvage radiation is wise for cases with risk factors such as yours, so having radiation shortly after you are judged sufficiently healed would seem to be the best course. ... (1 replies)

... o be substantially less than odds for success with radiation plus ADT as your first, best shot at this. It is a common fallacy that holding radiation in reserve after surgery is more effective overall than going with radiation as your first shot, if there is a good probability of spread beyond the capsule, which is your case. ... (9 replies)
... My nerves are going crazy. I finally had a good nights sleep last night after some Sleepy Time tea. I've been a trial lawyer for over twenty five years so the high level of nervousness is a bit unfamiliar to me. ... (9 replies)
... My PSA on August 19 continued the record of no result exceeding less than 0.05 following IMRT (TomoTherapy radiation with pelvic coverage supported by 18 months of ADT3)! :) Also, for the first time in sixteen years my oncologist said seeing him in six months instead of three or fewer months would be fine (but labs every three as usual). I graduated! :D (10 replies)
... ill probably be easy to understand. The short take away lesson is that for a large proportion of the 19 marathoners they studied before, and then 4 and 24 hours after the race, there was minimal PSA change. However, there was a large change for two of the runners. ... (9 replies)
... I did not know that targeted treatment can possibly work after a diagnosis of metastasis. That comforting for sure. ... (3 replies)
... ical removal of the testes is also an option, but hopefully the patient will be able to take vacations from ADT, and that requires a drug to restore testosterone after surgical castration. ... (3 replies)
PSA 200 to 8
Sep 5, 2016
... s case resembles the case of my onwn father, that started back in July 2011. His Initial PSA was also 205 and it dropped rapidly to 0.6 in 4 months after androgen deprivation therapy, hi was on bicalutamide daily and decapeptyl semestral and a monthly injection of Zometa because he also had bone metastasis. ... (4 replies)
PSA 200 to 8
Sep 4, 2016
... the doctors may already have had your father tested for this. Usually the LFT is done for several months to make sure the patient is fine with the Casodex, and after that there is no need for more tests. My LFTs were fine, and I have known many men who also had no problem with LFT. However, I have known one who did. ... (4 replies)
... Gleason 8. I'll be getting a six month shot. I've been encouraged to take at least 2 more 6 month shots after that. ... (10 replies)
... es and appears to be significantly better, generally for higher risk, so you can be confident. The side effect profile, while not completely flat, is pretty low after you get past the treatment. ... (10 replies)
... ted with were enthusiastic about the surgical option. I will get my eligard shot in less than two weeks and then a 9 week course of radiation starting two months after that. I insisted on, and am taking, casodex as a preparation for the eligard shot. ... (10 replies)
... so it can reach those metastases. It will be able to knock them back, but it rarely kills all the cancer at those sites, so eventually it is likely to come back after it adjusts to the ADT, freeing itself, at least partially, from ADT control. ... (5 replies)
... radiation ... and then ask for the PET scan maybe 6 months after the radiation treatment is done. The 2nd urologist was less than enthused with the surgical option after seeing that I had TURP. ... (5 replies)
... of the bone. However, as you can readily see, cancers that are just a bit smaller can slip under the radar and cause a lot of trouble after they continue to grow. ... (5 replies)
... I joined this site to give a warning to younger guys about the operation on the prostrate known as a TURP, trans-urethral resection of the prostate (a surgical procedure used to cut away a section of the prostate gland if it's causing men problems passing water); but when I came to post, the thread was close, so here is what I wanted to say: Since I was a young boy I have... (4 replies)
... In conclusion, RARP is feasible after TURP, with good overall results being achieved. However, previous prostate surgery can cause difficulties for the surgical team during radical prostatectomy ... ... (5 replies)
... Information on surgery after TURP. My recollection is that your impression of a prior TURPs impact on surgery is correct. ... (5 replies)

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